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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reog (Ponorogo)

Reog is one of the cultural arts originating from East Java and the northwestern part Ponorogo hometown Reog regarded as the truth. Ponorogo city gate was decorated by the figure warok and gemblak, two figures who took part performed at the time reog demonstrated. Reog is one of the local culture in Indonesia is still very strong with things mystical and powerful mysticism.

There are five versions of the popular story that develops in the community about the origins and Warok Reog, but one of the most famous story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng Fleas, a royal servant during Bhre Kertabhumi,

The last king of Majapahit power in the 15th century. Ki Ageng Fleas will anger the powerful influence of the Majapahit king's wife who came from China, while also angry with his king in a corrupt government, he also saw that the power of the Majapahit Kingdom will end. He then left the king and founded the college where he taught martial arts to young children, the science of self-immunity, and the science of perfection in the hope that these young children will be the seed of the resurrection of the Majapahit kingdom back.

Aware that his forces are too small to fight the royal troops the political message conveyed through Lice Ki Ageng Reog performing arts, which is a "satire" to the King and his kingdom Kertabhumi. Reog performances become ways Ki Ageng lice build resistance of local communities using Reog popularity.

The mask is shown performing Reog lion-shaped head, known as the "Lion barong ', king of the jungle, which became a symbol for Kertabhumi, and above it is plugged in peacock feathers to resemble a giant fan that symbolize the strong influence of his Chinese colleagues on the set of all motion.

Jatilan, played by a group of dancers gemblak a piggyback ride became a symbol of the power of the kingdom of Majapahit troops which contrasts with the power warok comparison, a red clown mask behind which became the symbol for Ki Ageng Fleas, alone and carry the weight of the mask Singabarong that reach more than 50 pounds just by using his teeth

Ki Ageng Fleas Reog popularity eventually led to Bhre Kertabhumi take action and strike perguruannya, rebellion by warok quickly overcome, and forbidden to continue teaching college will warok. But students still continue Ki Ageng ticks quietly. Even so, the arts Reognya still allowed to be staged since the show has become popular among the people, but the story has a new groove in which is added the characters of folklore that is Kelono Sewandono Ponorogo, Goddess Songgolangit, and Sri Genthayu.

The official version of the story line Reog Ponorogo now is the story of King Ponorogo who intend applying for Kediri daughter, Dewi Ragil Yellow, but in the way he was intercepted by King Singabarong of Kadiri. King Singabarong forces consist of peacocks and lions, while the King of the Kingdom of Ponorogo Kelono and his Deputy Bujang Anom, escorted by warok (men dressed in black in the dance), and warok has a deadly black magic. The whole dance is a dance of war between the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Ponorogo Kadiri, and pitted black magic between them, the dancers in a state of "trance" when staging the dance.

Until now people Ponorogo just follow what their heritage as a very rich cultural heritage. In the experience of art is copyright Reog human creations which formed a cult that is hereditary and awake. The ceremony also use terms that are not easy for lay people to fill in the absence of a clear lineage. they embrace Parental lineage and customary law is still valid.

Modern Reog usually performed in several events such as weddings, circumcisions and national major holidays. Art Reog Ponorogo consists of several series of 2 to 3 opening dance.

The first dance is usually performed by 6-8 brave men dressed all in black, with polished face red.

The dancers depict the brave lion. Next is a dance performed by girls who ride horses 6-8. In traditional reog, dancers are usually played by male dancers dressed women. This dance is called a braid or jathilan horse dance, which must be distinguished from other dances that lumping horse dance.

Other opening dance if there is usually a dance by a little boy who brought a funny scene called Bujang Ganong or Ganongan.

After the opening dance is finished, the new core scene displayed the contents of which depend reog condition where art is displayed. If associated with the wedding scene shown is romance. For the celebration of circumcision or circumcision, is usually stories of warriors,

The scene in the art reog usually do not follow a neat scenario. Here there is always interaction between the player and puppeteer (usually the leader of the group) and sometimes with the audience.

Sometimes a player's performances can be replaced by another player when that player fatigue. The more overlooked in the staging of art reog is to give satisfaction to the audience.

The last scene is the barong lion, where the actors wore masks shaped head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathers.

Weight mask can reach 50-60 kg. Heavy mask is carried by the dancers with your teeth.

The ability to bring this mask than obtained with weight training, is also believed with spiritual practices like fasting and penance


Jathil is a soldier riding and is one of the leaders in the arts Reog. Jathilan dexterity is a dance depicting horsemen who were practicing on a horse. This dance is performed by dancers in which the dancers are to each other in pairs with each other. Dexterity and skill in battle on horseback or lost interest shown by the expression of the dancer.

Jathilan was originally danced by men who smooth, flawless-looking or similar to a beautiful woman. Dance movement was more likely to feminine. Since the 1980's when the art team Reog Ponorogo would be sent to Jakarta for the opening of PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta), dancer jathilan replaced by the dancers girls with more feminine reason. The characteristics of an impression on the artistic dance movement Jathilan Reog Ponorogo more prone to subtle, lively, flirtatious. This is supported by the pattern of rhythmic dance movement that alternated between rhythm work properly (naive) and rhythm ngracik.


"Warok" which comes from the word wewarah is a person who has a holy determination, provide guidance and protection without any strings attached. Warok is wong kang wewarah wealthy (rich people will wewarah). That is, one becomes warok being able to give guidance or instruction to others about living a baik.Warok iku wong kang wus full saka sakabehing behavior, lan wus menep ing sense (Warok is a person who is perfect in conduct of his life, and to the deposition of the inner.

Warok is a character / traits and community spirit that has been ingrained Ponorogo since the first handed down by ancestors to future generations. Warok is part of the visual arts an integral Reog with other visual aids in the art unit Reog Ponorogo. Warok is truly a master of science both physically and mental.

Klono Sewandono

Klono Sewandono or Kelono King was a powerful king who has aheritage mainstay mandraguna Cemeti a very potent form calledKyai whip Samandiman go wherever the King was young, handsome and this always brings these treasures. Inheritance is used to protect himself.

Valor in the King is depicted in a lively dance movement as well as authoritative, in a tale of King Klono Sewandono managed to create beautiful art from the results of its copyright power tocomply with requests Princess (her lover). Because the King in a drunken affair then tarinyapun sometimes describe a movementthat was in love. 

Barongan (Dadak merak)

Barongan (sudden peacock) dance equipment is the most dominant in the arts Reog Ponorogo. Parts thereof, among others; Head Tiger (caplokan), made ​​of a wooden frame, bamboo, rattan covered with tiger skins Gembong. Sudden peacock, frame made ​​of bamboo and rattan as a place setting to depict a peacock feather peacock feathers and bite are developing strands of beads - beads (prayer beads).

Krakap made ​​of black velvet cloth embroidered with the monte, the accessories and a place write reog.Dadak peacock group identity is a length of about 2.25 meters, a width of about 2.30 meters, and weighs nearly 50 pounds.

Bujang Ganong (Ganongan)

Bujang Ganong (Ganongan) or Doctor of the duke of Anom was one of the energetic, hilarious as well as having expertise in the martial arts so that every appearance is always in waiting - waiting by the audience especially children - children. Bujang Ganong describes the figure of a young duke who nimble, strong-willed, clever, witty and powerful.


Similar dances Reog Ponorogo who danced in Malaysia called Dance Barongan. This dance is also using a mask sudden peacock, which is headed tiger mask on which there are peacock feathers. Descriptions and photos of this dance is featured in the official website of the Ministry of Culture Arts and Heritage Malaysia

The controversy arises because of the sudden peacock mask at the official site there are the words "Malaysia", and is recognized as a heritage community of Stone Chisel, Johor and Selangor, Malaysia. This triggered protests various parties in Indonesia, including artists Reog Ponorogo origin stating that the copyright Reog arts have been listed with the number 026 377, dated February 11, 2004, and thus known by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia.

Also found that the sudden peacock information shown on the official site is made ​​by craftsmen Ponorogo. Thousands of artists Reog had demonstrated in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta. Government of Indonesia has said it will investigate this further.

In late November 2007, Ambassador of Malaysia to Indonesia Datuk Zainal Abidin Muhammad Zain said that the Malaysian Government has never claimed Reog Ponorogo as the country's indigenous culture. Reog called "Barongan" in Malaysia can be found in Johor and Selangor, was taken by the Javanese people who migrated to the country .

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Reog is the cultural gate of the city which was designed. The arts and entertainment of the reog is here for the fundamental way of the order custom term paper with settlement and for all final modes of the roe for all citizens to have peace and comfort.

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