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Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 The Best most unique building

Does not feel has been overlooked in this era of a decade of this millennium. World record various things in that time, including the construction of buildings are sensational and extraordinary views of the dimensions and design. Here is a list of top 10 buildings are entered in it.

1. Millennium Dome, London, Year 2000

Designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership and engineers Buro Happold, 365 meters in diameter with a peak reached 100 meters. Currently this titanic-sized giant tent is still something very impressive views of the design and dimensions.

2. Blur, Expo 02, Yverdon-les-Bains, 2002

Sensational Pavilion was designed by the architects of New York, Diller + Scofidio, was once a star on the show Switzerland's Expo 02. Like a cat's cradle of tensile steel, with a height of 20 meters and 100 meters long, collected at the end of the pier made of steel and glass on the lake Neutchatel. In it, 30 thousand water jets create a cloud of fog that never stops.

3. Serpentine Pavilion, London, 2002

This beautiful pavilion designed by architect Toyo Ito and Cecil Balmond engineer, built as an architectural reference in the future, which limits the walls, floors, ceilings, interior and exterior as if fused. The term contemporary, sophisticated and minimalist.

4. 30 St Mary Axe, London, 2003

Initially "gherkin" Norman Foster's is admired and scorned. Most fascinated by this office building, although some more thinking it represents excessive ambition of his town. Here lies skygardens charming and renowned restaurants worldwide.

5. European Southern Observatory Hotel, Cerro Paranal, Chile, 2003

"Hotel" is for astronomers who worked in the Atacama desert, is a perfect combination between architecture and landscape, from practitioners of Munich, Auer and Weber, as well as engineers Mayr and Ludescher. Geometric red concrete walls forming a beautiful monasteries and temples in the style pages, the rooms behind that line a lot.

6. Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, 2008

The stadium seating capacity of 80 thousand was designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron and Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, is a landmark building for the 2008 Olympic Games event. Consisting of two main buildings, one of which was in the other: a red giant concrete bowl for seating surrounded by a "bird's nest" of steel giant.

7. St Pancras Railway Station, London, 2007

Is a remarkable resurgence of rail terminus Gothic Victorian era, when this is one of the largest station in the world. Alastair lansley led his team for over a decade, change the style of 19th-century architecture and make it home for the fast trains of the 21st century. Here also there is a hotel and penthouse flats for those who want to spend the night.

8. Le Viaduc de Millau, Aveyron, 2004

The bridge is beautiful and amazing this past Tarn Valley in southern France. Designed by engineer Michel Virlogeux and Norman Foster, Viaduc de Millau bridge is the most beautiful views from the top side of the valley, especially at the ends of the pole bridges appeared between the clouds in the summer. (Read more here)

9. Neues Museum, Berlin, 2009

After 10 years of painstaking reconstruction, cultural buildings of the 19th century which closed in 1939 was re-opened and become popular. Redesigned a complex and intelligent by British architect David Chipperfield, who does not eliminate the classic feel of the building should be adjusted though current technological developments.

10. Burj Dubai, World's Tallest Building, Inaugurated Soon

The high-rise into the sky up to 818 meters, equivalent to building the Empire State Building Chrysler Building plus on it. Designed by Adrian Smith da Bill Baker of Chicago, al-Burj has 160 floors hotel rooms, apartments and offices Armani style.

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