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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook Will Use New Numeralia System

Facebook Will Use New Numeralia System
Geneva - A number of reputable sites will use the new numeralia system. Like what?

A number of Internet giants like Yahoo, Facebook and AT & T will begin using the new system numeralia address to connect users to their sites from 6 June. Similarly, as quoted from ST.

The combination of the internet giant said that they plan mempermanenkan 'phone numbers' latest into a number of devices connected to the internet, after the testing can test quite successfully in June last year.

The new system is called IPv6, is said by experts is very important because the growth of the internet which is very unusual, so the use of addresses is approaching its limit.

Hardware makers like Cisco and D-Link has taken part of the launch of these trials, which allows the addition of approximately 340 trillion internet address again.

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