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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out Its founder, Yahoo! shares soar fact

When the founder of Yahoo, Jerry which resigned from Yahoo! in fact the market response is good, is evident with increasing the company's stock.

As quoted from BusinessInsider, the directors also will resign from Yahoo Japan and Alibaba.

Responding to the reports, the market responds by increasing the stock Yahoo1 by 5 percent, was down for a moment and go back up by 3.5 percent.

Maybe this is the initial shock Yahoo! In this year, after year 2011 yesterday they just fired the CEO Carol Bartz.

"It's time for me to look for other interests outside of Yahoo! As I left the company I founded 17 years ago," wrote Yang to the Yahoo Board of Directors Chairman, Roy Bostock.

Who founded Yahoo! Inc.. in 1995 along with David Filo, and a member of the board of directors since March 1995, and he became CEO in 2007 until January 2009.

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