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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Specifications lenovo s10-3

Specifications lenovo s10-3
Lenovo made the netbook with a screen resolution of 10. inch comes with a new color that will provide comfort when you braktifitas. Comes with black, designbentuk a compact, even easier for you to take him anywhere during the activity.

Driven by an Intel Atom (TM) CPU N470@1.83GHz, this netbook does not consume lots of power so as to save battery life. By using 6 cell Li-ion battery, the Lenovo claims that under normal circumstances, this netbook can last for 6 hours without having to do the charger.

Intel Atom (TM) CPU N470 at this netbook is one of the advantages of the Lenovo S10-3 IdePad because N470 processor is a processor output of Intel's latest N series which would have better performance than the previous series. Since most netbooks on the market now are still using the previous series, this netbook could be an interesting option to have.

For business graphics, this netbook is powered by Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3150 with 256MB memory. The amount of VGA memory is what makes the image quality of these products was so convincing. Larger than some netbooks in its class.

Equipped with Windows 7 Starter as the default operating system, this netbook can direct you use without having to spend any more time to install the operating system or hire the services of third parties to menginstallkannya for you. One drawback of windows 7 starter, you can not to change the backgorund / wallpaper windows 7 starter because Microsoft does not yet include the application used to change the wallpaper. But do not worry, with a few of these tips you can change the wallpaper windows 7 starter to your taste.

Apart from Windows 7 Starter, this notebook is also equipped with software Microsoft Office 2007 that all would know its function. Although Microsoft Office 2007 This is a trial for 60 days, you can try to do many things with it. To upgrade to the Ultimate version, you can contact Microsoft or its representative office in your town or online can also be upgraded via the Microsoft website

More than that, the notebook also included some software that will help you dala activity. One of them is Adobe reader 9, adobe-made software that is used to read PDF files. There are also software built from Lenovo that you can use when the system is experiencing problems netbooks. His name OneKey Recovery Software. You just run the application and follow the prompts, then the problem of the system on a netbook you'll be back to normal.

For security issues, the Lenovo IdeaPad has also been included McAfee Security Center that allows you to protect your netbook from outside interference such as viruses. This software also serves to protect from disorders such as spyware, trojans, worms and other distractions when you are surfing the internet.

As a standard feature other netbooks, the Lenovo IdeaPad Black S0-3 is equipped with a wi-fi of course we all already know the benefits. Wireless can be utilized when we were in a cafe, mall, airport or elsewhere that provide hotspot service. It would also be useful when you bring it to the office in which to use as a media hotspot network connection.

If you require a connection through a cable network, this netbook also has integrated a LAN port. You only need to set up a network cable with RJ45 connectors to connect this netbook with a HUB / Switch to communicate with other devices.

For those who like to experiment with a USB device, the netbook is also included three USB ports. Two ports on the right side, and one USB port in addition to the left. USB can be utilized for various things such as transfer data to the flash disk, printer connections, external modems and other media that use USB as the connecting medium.
Dolby stereo speakers will always accompany you during play music, play video or audio recordings on a netbook because it has integrated the internal microphone. Two audio jacks on the right side can be utilized to more experimenting with the audio of this netbook. You can use an external headset or other audio device with this audio jack.

Integration of web camera on the top of the LCD screen you can use to take pictures, record video or just a "narcissistic" in front of the netbooks. The quality of images produced by the web camera is also fairly good. Unfortunately, to use it you must use third-party software camera because the package does not include software for the camera.

By combining the functions of wireless / LAN for internet connection, audio for voice communications as a web camera plus video media, you can use this netbook for video confrence with coworkers, friends or your family. Take advantage of free amenities such as yahoo messenger, skype, windows live messenger as the medium. Only need to register and install the website into a netbook, you'll feel closer to your friends via video conference.

Additionally, the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 is equipped with a card reader tlah. Memory Supported by the card reader includes SD card, MMC, MS and Mspro. To try it, unscrew the card reader on the left side of the notebook and insert the memory into it.

Full specifications of the Lenovo IdeaPad namely:

* Processor Intel ® Atom (TM) CPU N470@1.83GHz
* 1GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
* Drive 250GB SATA HDD 5400 rpm
* Graphics Intel GMA 3150 with a maximum resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels
* Integrated Bluetooth Device
* Integrated LAN Card for RJ45 Connector
* Integrated Wireless Network
* Integrated Web Camera 1.3 megapixels
* Stereo speakers with Dolby headphone
* 3 USB 2.0 ports (one on the left side and two on the right side)
* Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Starter
* Microsoft Office 2007 (Trial 60 days)
* 6-cell Li-ion batt (lasting up to 6 hours)
* Multi-touch Touchpad Enabled

The conclusion of the tests we did, it seems IdeaPan Lenovo S10-3 is not intended to do heavy work such as editing video maupunn photos. This product is intended more for those of you who have a high mobility given the power than a battery that can be used for 6 hours without the charger.

Additional applications such as Microsoft Office 2007 will help you in everyday berkatifitas. Additional applications are like adobe reader can also make you more comfortable when reading PDF files that you have. It also added some of the lenovo recovery application that will really help you when the netbook is having problems with systemnya. Just run a few steps with this software then a netbook will be back as usual

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