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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Toyota 2000GT of Life Back

Toyota 2000GT of Life Back
Tokyo - In 1967, James Bond actor, Sean Connery in the movie 'You Only Live Twice' driving a Japanese Toyota 2000GT sports car. Now the 2000GT was born a second time. Just like the title of the movie!

Is the club's Toyota Motor Corporation engineer who revive Japan's first sports car is.

But do not expect you'll hear the sound coming out of the exhaust gahar 2000GT. Because the car was now using electric power with solar panels and other gadgets, so the car was really 100 percent electric.

As reported by Reuters, the engineers need two weeks to build electric cars. Sophisticated it?

"The dream of engineers for this car is the battery can be improved so that cars can go as far as we drive, and not limited to when we should stop," said Project Manager of Toyota Motor Corp. Naohiko Saito.

Unlike the original version of the noisy engine sound, the latest version of the 2000GT has a variety of voice and eccentric-eccentric when stepped on the gas pedal. Like a cat meowing, chicken, or even the sound of the space shuttle.

"The voice that I enjoy doing is the sound of horses' hooves. I can imagine this car when another car approached, motorists will be surprised by the sound of my car," she said.

Unfortunately there are no plans to produce this car. But the engineers who will compete in this crazy electric car competition in the near future.

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