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Thursday, January 19, 2012

U.S. Senator Turned Reject Anti-Piracy Law

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Large sites protesting the bill rejected. Wikipedia stop services.
A series of United States senator's name who originally supported the bill Anti-Piracy Online (SOPA) and the Draft Law of Intellectual Property Protection (PIPA) is now turned against. The rejection followed a protest several major websites on the internet that their service shut down for 24 hours.

Reported by the BBC, Wednesday, January 18, 2012, two powerful senators who was previously a supporter of SOPA and the bully PIPE, Marco Rubio of Florida and Roy Blunt of Missouri, are among the senators who changed their views.

Initially, with the support Rubio and Blunt, SOPA and PIPA got wind and likely to pass into law. However, with the withdrawal of their support and the other senators, the existence of this law is still in the clouds.

In a Facebook account, Rubio changed his support after "hearing concerns the impact that the Act will be brought against Internet access."

In addition to the two senators, there are six other senators, both Democrat and Republican, who also changed their support. One senator who refused to turn around, Dennis Ross of Florida, said the reason to change his views. "As a supporter of a true free market, I want to copyright protected properly," Ross said in his Twitter account.

Also the White House Refuse

Despite the support of the bill SOPA and PIPA increasingly recede, the possibility of escape remain. However, if this law passed will most likely be vetoed by President Barack Obama.

Earlier in the weekend, the White House has issued a statement rejected the bill. In a statement, the White House said, "We will not support legislation that reduces the freedom of expression, increasing the risk of cyber security, and drive innovation in a dynamic global internet world."
SOPA and PIPA bill would regulate the ban and closing the sale of piracy, be it movies, music, and other objects. The trick, a number of Internet companies will be forced to shut down access to sites deemed unlawful.

Internet advertising network will also be forced to stop online advertising. Then, the search engine will be arranged so as not to have links to sites that are considered to distribute the results of piracy. Various Internet sites against this by saying this law is a threat to the free exchange of information on the internet.

Various large sites, one of which is Wikipedia, terminate their service for 24 hours sebaga form of protest. This step is followed also by some 7,000 other sites. Among them are Google, Mozilla, WordPress, MoveOn, and TwitPic. The difference is, they only protest through the front page that has been modified with themed accessories censorship or blocking. The site itself is still running as usual.

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