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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple MacBook Air

Specification Macbook Air

* Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz / 1.86 Ghz 800Mhz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache
* 2GB DDR3 Memory (Max 4 GB)
* Nvidia GeForce 320M GPU
* SSD Storage 64GB/128GB
* Facetime camera (iSight)
* Wifi b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1
* Output VGA, DVI, HDMI
* Battery life up to 30 days standby and can operate 5-7 hours.
* Screen size 11.6 inches / 13.2-inch LED Backlit WideScreen

Apple MacBook Air - Steve Jobs introduced the Mac laptop is the thinnest and lightest, combining the features of the iPhone and the iPad with a personal computer.

Apple, whose computers have taken market share of Microsoft Corp. Windows-based PC, will launch a mobile app store version for Mac, to emulate the success and spur development of new programs.

Merging with iPad Mac features can prevent investors' concerns that the sale will switch to the tablet, which has generated high demand.

MacBook Air - introduced on Wednesday (20/10) with signature Jobs "one last thing" that is designed to reproduce the flexibility of the popular iPhone and the iPad, and will incorporate video chat FaceTime, which Apple will apply to all Macnya.

Utilizing flash storage like the iPad than on the hard drive like conventional computers, flash storage can generate real-time mode and store the data twice as fast as a standard hard drive. But the process sacrificing processing power compared to other Apple laptops.

"We asked ourselves what would happen if the MacBook and combined iPad? Well, this is the result," Jobs said at a media event in Cupertino, California, called the Air as a "notebook of the future."

The new MacBook Air sold for U.S. $ 999 for the 11.6-inch model, with a weight of about 2.3 pounds (1 kg), and measures 0.11 inches 0.68 inches compared to the thinnest previous products.

"Basically, they combine the product lines, they just simplify it," said Kaufman Bros. analyst, Shaw Wu. "They took advantage of what they have learned on the iPhone and the iPad and bringing that technology to the Mac. It's perfectly reasonable."

While much attention devoted to the iPhone and the iPad, Mac had been staying as a company's success over the last year. Apple has achieved sales of U.S. $ 22 billion from the Mac in fiscal year 2010, one third of revenue. Shipments increased by more than 30 percent and far exceeded the overall market.

Investors are wondering whether the iPad, a 10-inch touch screen tablet that went on sale in April of the price of U.S. $ 499, will undermine sales of the Mac - as has been done on low-end segment, the Windows-based laptops known as netbooks.

Gartner analyst Mike McGuire did not expect much cannibalization between iPad and Mac because of the gap on the price tag. He said the Air will try to bridge the newer Apple products with the old product.

"This is the missing link between the tablet and the future of the existing notebook," he said.

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