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Monday, February 27, 2012

Battlefield: Bad Company Games review

When I first heard of the project Battlefield: Bad Company worked exclusively for the console, I was a little skeptical of the outcome, given the poor quality of Battlefield: Modern Combat. My doubts are erased once saw a little trailer showing gameplay Battlefield: Bad Company.

Who likes Mr.Smile? In Battlefield: Bad Company, no one is safe, even when you are hiding in the building though. The latest engine is used by DICE is staggering, almost all objects can be destroyed with grenades and rocket launchers. When you say the action offered in previous Battlefield series is very intense, you have not seen the true meaning of intense. All actions are offered in single player mode is very attractive and charming, in this section I am very grateful to DICE genius who is able to change the perception that overdo the Battlefield series is identical to the multiplayer Rampage, a unique single player as well as intense.

Multiplayer is balanced with engine Frostbite, DICE managed to create a perfect depiction of the real atmosphere of war. No intact buildings hit by a grenade or rocket launcher, no more sand bags made of strange material that can not be destroyed, even when a rocket hit. If there are enemies who took refuge in the building, hit the wall, and make a breakthrough into a surprise attack. Although I admit Frostbite engine is not too perfect, sometimes I see bricks made by a grenade but it fell apart a wooden box survived without the slightest scratch the face of rain missiles.

The best part of the Battlefield: Bad Company is a single player campaign mode. Absolutely, DICE is best to think of us, rather than giving us a lot of multiplayer maps with AI fools who run around while shooting is not clear, DICE would prefer to make the campaign a unique and hilarious story with a map of the battle area. You play as Private Preston Marlowe who recently moved to the contents Batalaion 222 people in trouble and always sent first to the battlefield to make sacrifices paved the way. Not described any member of Battalion 222 who later referred to as B Company. But certainly you will get acquainted with your partner the other three, the first is Sergeant Redford, a war veteran who choose to volunteer in Company B because lured early retirement, Sweetwater enrolled for graduation from college with high marks, oblivious what would have faced and the last is Haggard, people are not too smart but explosives experts, and very fond of blowing things up. Together, you will enter the territory of Russia and fight cripple many essential facilities. Actually the story in this game, including a simple and cheesy, but because of the many slapstick scenes that made me smiled to herself, levels of humor in this game deserves thumbs up.

Tell me right! Throughout the game is not your right, although the AI ​​is smart enough though your friend does not die and the lack of support behind you with a precision shot, some aktiftas like driving a tank and a missile launch did you do it yourself, it makes me feel alone even in the midst of an eruption weapons and hilarious dialogue fellow compatriots.

Enemy soldiers even nearly as bad, they often stand in the open and still did not react while waiting for death. Fortunately, provided quite a lot of enemies and objectives are ordered quite diverse so it is not the way the game was easy. Facing the onslaught of the enemy whole or large caliber shots, make you will often encounter situations dying, thank God there in the ranks of yours supplies automatic health injector that can fill the life bar anytime. This system eliminates the realistic element in the battle, imagine if you had to deal with the Russian army equipped with heavy weapons and armored vehicles, one thousand pieces of lives would not be enough, luckily there is an automatic health injector that makes everything so much easier.

Gold, Gold and Gold If you are satisfied with the single player campaign mode, I recommend you to immediately jump into the ocean that is the real battle online multiplayer mode. This mode is named after the Gold Rush, but the real basis of the mode of attack and defense mode is normally present in FPS multiplayer mode. The offense will try to blow up the crates filled with gold, while the last team will try to resist all the attacks that strike. This mode supports 24 people and provides a wide range of heavy vehicles such as Jeeps, helicopters, boats, Humvees and other heavy artillery such as cannons and missiles. There are five classes of troops to choose from, each class will have advantages and disadvantages. Strangely enough, the conquest mode would raise the name Battlefield absent in this episode, probably spent a ticket versus mode will be obtained through XBL or PSN download facility.

Battlefield Bad Company includes a cool FPS games released this year. Although far from perfect, the intense sandbox warfare style is an excess that you must experience yourself. DICE mention the effect the destruction of the building as a tactical destruction, we call them trigger happy or explosive fun.

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