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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Best-Selling Luxury Cars in the World

Mercedes-Benz Best-Selling Luxury Cars in the World, Mercedes-Benz sales figures have increased very significantly in November. In other words, Mercedes-Benz said that its brand is a premium vehicle sales increased in the world.

Over the last month as many as 88,600 units of Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the market. This figure is up 19% compared to same month last year in which the brand is bagging selling 74,400 units.

Division of Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles overall sales rose 16% in November to 98.400 units (November 2008: 84.500 units).

The increase last month was the result of double-digit increase of sales of the E-Class and S-Class generation. Moreover these results are in addition to increased sales in various regions such as Western Europe, North America, Asia / Pacific and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

"As we expected, in November we managed to realize a positive growth in October and once again increase sales significantly in the whole world," said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars.

"We continue to solidify the position as market leaders in various countries with the acquisition of market share continues to increase," he continued.

For the individual market, Mercedes-Benz once again scored record sales in China, which is one of the four largest markets. Amounting to 8.700 units of passenger vehicles have been sold in China last month, nearly three-fold increase over the same period last year.

Mercedes-Benz has increased very rapidly compared to other premium car brands in China. The same thing also happened in the Asia / Pacific region as a whole, where in fact managed to score a two-fold increase in sales over the same period last year with sales of 17,300 units.

Also experienced a record increase in sales in Australia with sales of 1700 units and represents an increase of 66% (November 2008: 1,000 units).

Sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Brazil managed to score an increase of 81% and India 25%. Vehicle sales in Russia rose by 3%, the largest contribution due to the presence of new E-Class which rose two-fold and double-digit increases for the S-Class.

Sales in the United States (U.S.) supports the market trend and has increased sales significantly by 19% to 16,800 units (November 2008: 14,100 units). Mercedes-Benz continues to maintain its position as the premium brand market leaders from Germany who are not deterred in the U.S. market.

Especially with the presence of new E-Class, sales increased two-fold to 4800 units. While the latest generation S-Class which rose significantly by 12%. GLK market leader in its class compared to other competitors by selling 1700 units of vehicles in October 2009.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz also scored another record sales in Canada to increase 26% to 2.100 units of passenger vehicles in November 2009 (November 2008: 1600 units).

Sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in their home countries reached a total of 22 800 units or 3% (November 2008: 22.100). Growth in sales of Mercedes-Benz in Germany is supported by the new E-Class sedan which rose to two-fold compared with last year, as well as C-Class sedan (plus 10%) and A-Class (plus 19%).

Something similar happened in Western Europe (except Germany) with a 12% increase in November 2009 and managed to increase market share in various countries. In the UK sales increased two-fold to 6200 units of passenger vehicles, while France rose 2%, Belgium 18%, and Sweden 20%.

New E-Class continues to score achievements in November, this vehicle to maintain its market leadership by increasing sales doubled to 15,700 units.

Experienced double-digit sales increase evenly across the region. The latest generation S-Class also recorded an increase in November with a rise in worldwide sales by 35% or 5500 units, the S-Class is the best-selling sedan in its class.

In particular an increase in sales occurred in China where the number of vehicles increased three-fold to 2000 units. S-Class sales also increased in Western Europe (plus 22%) and Russia (16%) last month.

C-Class has increased by 6% last month to 18,200 units (November 2008: 17,300 units), to survive as the market leader in its segment since the beginning of the year.

Worldwide sales for Mercedes-Benz SUV vehicles rose 12% to 15.700 units (November 2008:14,000). GLK is the most popular SUV that reached double-digit sales increases in many countries of Western Europe in November.

A-Class and B-Class rose 7% to 18.500 units (November 2008: 17,300 units). This is possible because of high growth that occurred in various countries in Western Europe and the launch of the new B-Class in China in January 2009.

Smart sold 9.800 vehicles worldwide and successfully defended in November 2009 sales figures (November 2008: 10 100 units, minus 4%). This figure is supported by sales growth in Germany (plus 20%), England (plus 3%) and Italy (plus 17%), and also a positive increase in China and Brazil.

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