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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google Play, iTunes from Google

Google recently bought 18 domain names "flavored" Play was not using that name for a tablet product. Google turns Google introduces Play, which brings together a Google Music service, Google eBookstore, and Android Market.

Play Google is Google's effort to put all the downloadable content such as applications, movies, music, or ebook, and also makes it easier to be accessed using the Cloud Syncing. This will allow you to get songs, videos, and eBooks with ease. You can buy all the Android applications such as in the Android Market.

Google Play marks the beginning of a radical from the Android Market, Android since its debut more than three years ago. With this service, Google designed a Google Play to tear down the dividing wall of a Google-owned service offerings. It appears that Google's ambition to create a portal rival iTunes. In Google's Help Center for Play, has appeared blank pages titled 'Audio Books' as well as the "Magazine and journals". Page was a clear sign for the content Google in the future.

To attract more users, on the occasion of this launch Google Play will impose on them a discount on content such as applications, books, music, and film. Unfortunately for the new service is currently available in the United States.

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