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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shaun the Sheep History

Shaun the Sheep is the animated television series for children who came from England. In the UK, Shaun the Sheep aired on BBC One, while in Indonesia, the animation is running in MNCTV and B-Channel.


The core of this animated series about Shaun who has the intelligence of a human being, kerativitas, and behavior in a farm environment. In the episode of Shaun the Sheep, there's always a good issue of his own flock or from a breeder who made Shaun "intervene" to solve the problem. Funny scenes are also presented in this animated series. Repeatedly flock away from Bitzer (though sometimes Bitzer himself participated in the adventure), and also to avoid discovery by a farmer, as a flock of sheep breeders do not want to interfere in their adventures (though sometimes Breeders eventually join in the adventure)

Shaun the Sheep are animated like the classic silent comedy, because there is no dialogue or conversation with the language shown in this animation, even humans. However, some expressions are added as a simple growl, bleat, or some other such expressions that symbolize human mood of each


The main character

Shaun, the leader of the flock who lived in a farm. Shaun is a sheep smart and good friends with Bitzer.

Bitzer, with a faithful dog breeder and a friend of Shaun. Shaun Bitzer helpful to solve the problem.

Shirley, one of the most fun to eat lamb. Therefore, Shirley is the largest sheep flock of sheep led by Shaun.
Timmy, a baby lamb and a cousin of Shaun. Her mother was always there to keep him safe. Timmy also exists in the animated series Timmy Time.

Timmy's mother, always wearing rollers in her hair and a bit sloppy for a mother's duty, even occasionally using Timmy as a paint brush. But when his son was lost, he entertained until Timmy safely back in her care. He was also the aunt of Shaun.
Flocks of sheep, a large flock of sheep who are happy and like a family: love to play and make mischief together, though usually Shaun and Bitzer to end the chaos.

Breeders, one of the small figures in this series. He runs a sheep farm with Bitzer. He was not really aware of the intelligence or stupidity even the sheep.

Herd of pigs, 3 pigs are always trying to antagonize the flock and get them in trouble. However, they are afraid of bullies Bitzer and Shaun and his flock.
Pidsley, a cat that is hostile to Shaun, Bitzer and Shaun led the flock.

Minor characters


Rooster, is a chicken, which appears on every opening of the series Shaun the Sheep
The female chicken, never appeared as the episode "Who's the Mummy" (episode: Shaun So Mother), when he left the nest to find a new nest. When he returned to his cage, he found his children disappear, and then go looking for them. Various ways he did, until finally he found his son in the arms of Shaun.

Chicks, the chicks that never appeared in the episode "Who's the Mummy", when the chicks hatch and see that there is in the arms of them was Shaun, so they think Shaun being a mother and continued to follow Shaun, who is actually their actions interfere with Shaun.
Duck, never appeared in the episode "Off The Baa!" when he suffered damage by Shaun, in the episode "Tidy Up" (Work Bakti) while she was sucked by a vacuum cleaner when a flock of sheep to clean up the garbage, and in the episode "Bath Time" (Time Bath) when she was straight into the swimming pool water cold and freeze and eventually helped Shaun.

Mower Mouth goats are goats that teus eat what's in front of him even if it rocks. He appeared in the episode "Mower Mouth" (Goat Mower) when he became the center of attention because of the nature of feeding the flock, and in episodes of "Saturday Night Shaun" (Sunday Night Fever) when he was invited to party at home to herd sheep.
The bull, a bull is aggressive, irritable, and resentful toward the red. He has appeared in the episode "The Bull" (Beware of ferocious Bull), when he was disturbing a flock of sheep, has also appeared in episodes of "Saturday Night Shaun", when he became the "unexpected guests" to the party Saturday night Shaun, in the episode "Who's The Mummy?", and in the episode "Heavy Metal Shaun" (Making the Statue) when using the metal detector's Shaun breeders who eventually invited the bull.

Birds sometimes appear, one in the episode "fetching" (Playing Freesbies) as one of the birds carried freesbies Bitzer played.

Lola, is an ewe that had appeared in the episode "Two's Company" when he became part of the flock because he misdirected goal.

She-Bitzer, is a female shepherd who had appeared in the episode "fetching" when he was playing with Bitzer.

Another herd, is a wolf posing pretending to be sheep in the episode "Foxy laddie", so he could go to a flock of sheep and can take Timmy.


Pizza Delivery Boy is a young man riding a motorcycle who works at a local pizza restaurant. Has also appeared in episodes of "Saturday Night Shaun" when he worked as a postman.

The farmer's nephew, was a little girl who messed up the ranch in the episode "The Farmer's Niece" (The Little Troublemaker) and Bitzer new hat (new cap Bitzer)
Bus driver, was a bus driver who had led the flock. Never appears in the episode "Takeaway" (Buying Pizza) and "Sheep on the Loose" (Let's Picnic!).
The grandmother, is a grandmother in a temper. He never appeared in any episode

Farmer's girlfriend, was the girlfriend of farmers who never appeared in the episode "Hair Today, Gone Tommorow"


Alien family, never appeared on an episode of "Shaun Encounters" (boy Green Back).
Lone Alien, an alien who has appeared in the episode "The Visitor" (Human Planet) when he lost to Earth and helped by Shaun.

Alien Scientists, are two alien scientists who ever appeared on the episode "Cat Got Your Brain?", When they took Shaun and Pidsley to be researched and accidentally spilled a cup of coffee and cause malfunction of the machine, so the exchange between the brain and Pidsley Shaun, and finally they were thrown back to Earth with the confused state of mind.

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