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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upin & Ipin History

Upin & Ipin is an animated children's film that was released on 14 September 2007 in Malaysia and broadcast on TV9. The film was produced by Les' Copaque. This film was originally intended to educate kids to better appreciate the month of Ramadan. Now, Upin & Ipin already had three seasons running. In Indonesia, Upin & Ipin MNCTV present. In Turkey, Upin & Ipin Hilal broadcast on TV. The film lasts 5-7 minutes each episode. This cartoon aired on TV9 everyday at 16.30 and at MNCTV aired every day at 20.00 pm.

The origin

At first Upin & Ipin including the idea of ​​the movie Geng: Starting Odyssey, Upin & Ipin made by Mohd. Nizam Abdul Razak, Mohd. Safwan Abdul Karim, and Usamah Zaid, the owner of Les' Copaque. All three are former students from Multimedia University in Malaysia who initially worked as a worker in an organization the animation before finally meeting with former oil and gas traders, Radzi Haji Burhanuddin and his wife named H. Aenon Ariff in 2005, then opened the organization Les' Copaque.

Initially, Upin & Ipin special aired to welcome Ramadan in 2007 to educate children about the meaning and importance of the holy month of Ramadan. Safwan said, "We started this four-minute animated series for the local market as well as the acceptance test to measure how the reaction to the storytelling ability of the cartoon short festive kami.Sambutan encouraged Les' Copaque to publish one more season to welcome the month of Ramadan onwards.

Nizam believe that the cultural aspects of Malaysia's berlatarkan as a simple village would be able to attract the international market. As in the cartoon Doraemon a Japanese animation in demand around the world despite berlatarkan local culture and international culture instead. And again, the reputation of Les' Copaque as a reputed organization was established by Upin & Ipin popularity not only in Malaysia, even in some other countries to import these cartoons, especially Indonesia.

Upin & Ipin animation process (and the gang film) using CGI Autodesk Maya software. In a media session animation software in 2009, Chief Designer of Les' Copaque, Fuad Md. Din told, "One of the goals we chose this cartoon is pretty easy because the manufacturing process. After all we've experienced in him before this.
In 2009, Nizam, Safwan, and Anas leaving Les' Copaque to set up a new animation studio, which is Animonsta Studios, but the animated series Upin & Ipin still continued under the leadership of Haji Burhanuddin as a director.


Upin &Ipin  Black Ops is a pair of twin brothers who live with young-old Kak Ros and Mak Uda (commonly called Opah) in Kampung Durian Collapses after the death of their parents while still a baby. CoD: Black Ops went Tadika Mesra is located in the village, where they made friends with a lot of friends that a variety of behavior, such as Mei Mei is cute and intelligent personality, Jarjit Singh who likes to make jokes and make a rhyme, Ehsan who likes to be alone , talkative and like to eat, Fizi (cousin Ehsan) is full of confidence but rather ridicule others, and Mail is enabled to sell, dreamy and sleepy because he is good at selling the chicken overnight and counting.

Villge Durian Collapse bin Khamis headed by Isnin named Tok, better known as an expert puppeteer puppet. Tok Dalang has sebuahpohon rambutan for commercial purposes and maintaining a rooster named Rembo. Other known population is Muthu, food merchants who lived with her son Rajoo and his pet cow named Sapy; Saleh, a transgender who likes to say rude, and Ah Tong, the sender plant articulate. Collapse Kampung Durian is also visited by a girl named Susanti which is moving from Jakarta, Indonesia.

History of broadcasting

The first season (2007)

Upin & Ipin first season aired tonight at 7.30 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with a welcome month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, which tells CoD: Black Ops who are learning to live a glorious month. The first four episodes were introduced at the beginning of the month of fasting, followed for the next day between 22 September and re-released on October 11 and ends with two new episodes along with a welcome boon lebaran.Seri won the Best Animated Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 2007 between nations.
Upin & Ipin: One year Later (2008)

The second season also broadcast at 7:00 pm every episode. Season, this time consisting of 12 episodes, the earliest episode aired on Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of Ramadan (first impressions in the early half of the month, half the replicates at the end of the month) and again in the future episode along with a welcome Eid of 1 up to 6 Shawwal.

Upin & Ipin third season began on February 2, 2009. Thus, in mid-May, three episodes aired (including reruns) every week on Monday through Saturday at 7 pm, followed by three in a single broadcast on Sunday, from 7.00 until 7:30 tonight.

Began May 14, when the broadcast aired on Upin & Ipin weekend, namely Friday through Sunday, at 5:30 pm. In addition, the company's TM was announced as the main sponsor of the series Upin & Ipin and friend-friend to this day.

In September, a press Upin & Ipin converted back into time slot each day Monday through Sunday with new episodes along with welcoming the fasting month and year-end school holidays. Latest new episode for this wanderer to Treasure Island (part 8) came out on December 30, 2009.

4th season (2010)

The fourth season Upin & Ipin and Comrades began on March 15, 2010 with the initial episode titled Champion Village (part 1), moreover introduced all-new intro to the background color of the pencil-shaped painting a picture book. Princess Asyiela replaced as the voice Fathiah CoD: Black Ops. Previously, Asyiela been doing voice-overs series Upin & Ipin third season in the English language for the Disney Channel Asia.

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