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Sunday, April 1, 2012

All About F.C. Internazionale Milano

Football Club Internazionale Milano SpA, or better known as Inter Milan or who has the nickname il Nerazurri (the dark blue), il Biscone (large serpent), and also La Beneamata (the beloved) is an Italian football club, uniformed blue line -black to play in Serie A (first division) since 1908. Internazionale supporters called Interisti. The year 2010 is the second best achievement for Inter throughout history since its foundation. Won five titles at a time (Serie A, Coppa Italia, UEFA Champions League, Supercoppa Italiana and FIFA Club World Cup). Inter played at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium and practice at Angelo Moratti Sports Center (also known as La Pinetina) a training facility in Appiano Gentile.


Inter Milan 1908.

The club was founded on March 9, 1908 which is a division of the Milan Cricket and Football Club, which is now better known as AC Milan. A group consisting of the Italians and the Swiss (Muggiani Giorgio, a painter who also designed the club logo, Bossard, Lana, Bertoloni, De Olma, Enrico Hintermann, Arturo Hintermann, Carlo Hintermann, Pietro Dell'Oro, Hugo and Hans Rietmann , Voelkel, maner, Wipf, and Carlo Arduss) that do not really like going to the dominance of the English and Italian at AC Milan and they decided to break away from AC Milan. Internazionale's name is taken from the desire of the founder-founder to create a club that consists of many international players.
The club won the champion in 1910 and the second in 1920. Captain and the coach who led Inter's first Scudetto was Virgilio Fossati, who died in World War I.

In 1921, Inter was one team that comes out of the FIGC and follow the league formed by the CCI (Confederazione Calcistica Italiana). CCI is a rival organization FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) set up by the teams who requested reduction plan members Serie-A. Inter are in Group B in the league. After only able to collect 11 points, Inter are in the bottom of the final standings. Only lasted one season finally disbanded due to CCI finally reached an agreement with the FIGC through a petition filed by the Director of the daily La Gazzetta dello Sport that is known by Emilio Colombo and Colombo Comprommeso petition. Teams that competed in the league joined CCI back in the FIGC, which resulted in a competition format and reconstructed by combining the teams that competed in the CCI and the league Serie A FIGC in accordance with the points of agreement in the petition. Because Inter are bottom so that Inter should follow Spareggi phase (qualification round pen-degradation-an), and Inter managed to escape back to play in Serie A after beating SC Italy-Milan 2-0 and 4-1 on aggregate Libertas Florence ( 3-0 & 1-1) in the qualifying Spareggi.

During the war, Inter also had changed its name to Ambrosiana SS Milano during the era of fascism in Italy after the Milanese Unione Sportiva joined in 1928. Even a year later was elected club president Oreste Simonotti a U.S. patent for the name of Ambrosiana Inter in 1929, to adjust to the leadership of Benito Mussolini, and finally in 1931, the new president of the Inter Ferdinando Pozzani change it again to U.S. Ambrosiana-Inter. However, Inter could still win their third trophy in 1930. Followed it, won four trophies in 1938. Inter won the first Copa Italia (Italian Cup) in 1940 led by Giuseppe Meazza, and in the same year they won their fifth trophy, although Meazza injury. From 1942 until now, the name Ambrosiana-Inter is never used again, and they use their original name, Internazionale Milano.

After the war, Inter won the Serie A title again in 1953 and seventh in 1954. After winning several trophies, the Inter entering their golden years, called La Grande Inter. During their golden age, under the care of coach Helenio Herrera, Inter won three trophies in 1963, 1965, and 1966. At this time, Inter are also famous for winning the European Cup twice in a row. In 1963, Inter won the European Cup after beating them famous clubs Real Madrid. The next season, playing in their own home, Inter won the European Cup for the second time after the defeat of the Portuguese club, Benfica.

After a golden period in 1960, Inter managed to win their eleventh time in 1971 and the twelfth time in 1980. In 1970 and 1980, Inter also won two Italian Cup trophy in 1978 and 1982. Inter won the Scudetto they are to thirteen times in 1989 and takes a very long time up to 17 years until they can win it again in 2006, but through a different way than usual, or what they call the "Scudetto of Honesty" (champion of honesty), because they are not proven guilty in the scandal "calciopoli" which involved dragging a big Italian clubs found guilty and received penalty points deduction for his dismissal are also previous winners. Only in the next year or the 2007 Inter won the last, once chalked a record with 17 consecutive wins in local competitions.

Champions League Final 2010 squad

Júlio CésarMaiconLúcioSamuelChivuCambiassoZanettiEto'oSneijderPandevMilito
reserve: Stankovic (68 '→ Chivu), Muntari (79' Pandev →), Materazzi (92 '→ Milito), Toldo, Cordoba, Balotelli, Mariga
Coach: José Mourinho
Inter back into the defending champion in 2008.2009 and 2010. Inter are also the only team that has never been relegated from Serie A count of rolling, because it's in its national anthem titled solo l'Inter C'e (there is only one Inter) stated that Inter's Serie A and has a gene knows no other series.
In the 2009-10 season Inter Juventus and Torino equaled the Serie A champions won for 5 consecutive season.

Internazionale also won their UEFA Cup three times. The first of the season 1990/1991 against AS Roma / In the season 1993/1994, Inter won the UEFA Cup by defeating club Casino Salzburg Austria. In winning their UEFA Cup for the third time, Inter beat SS Lazio at the Parc des Princes, Paris.

The new Inter won the Champions League again for the third time in the 2009-10 season by defeating the German club, Bayern Munich in the final, after earlier in the semifinal round of surprisingly beat Internazionale Spanish club, Barcelona who was highly favored for the 2008 season -09 won 6 titles in all the arena.
Inter became the first Italian team that won the treble winners having won all the competitions in the 2009-10 season include the Italian League Scudetto, Coppa Italia and Champions League.

Color and Coat

FCIM club symbol is the letter in a circle, which was designed in 1908, the artist who designed the club logo which survived until now is Giorgio Muggiani which is also the one who initiated the formation of Inter.
Inter identical to the blue black color. The black color represents the dark of night and a portrait of a blue sky. Inter had been a change when combined with the Milanese Unione Sportiva in 1928, they changed their costumes are white with a red cross on the chest, but after World War II ended, Inter returned to their original color.

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