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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

European Cup 'Assign' Elephant and Pig So Astrologer

Krakow - The world never shocked by the phenomenon of Paul the octopus in the 2010 World Cup. Like to follow the example of the confusion, the Polish-Ukraine was 'commissioned' the elephant and the pig to be 'clairvoyant'.

Krakow in Poland zoo has hired top of an elephant named Citta to predict the results of the European Cup. 33 year old female elephant was chosen to set aside some "colleagues" like a donkey, parrot, and the other elephants, after a successful guess Chelsea will reach Champions League title.

While in Ukraine, a pig by the owner named Psychic, also 'assigned' similar to the Citta. Pigs are said to like to drink beer and snacking on chips while watching television was introduced to the public next Tuesday (22/05/2012) yesterday.

The second method used to guess the outcome of the game animals were approximately equal to the methods used by Paul. They will choose foods that are placed on two plates that have been labeled the flag state.

How precise prediction of the beast? We take a look at the European Cup last June 8 until July 1. Survivors 'duty', Citta and Psychic.

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