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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The history of Bernard (animation)

The history of Bernard (animation)

Bernard (Hangul: 빼꼼, RR: Ppaekkom, MR: Ppaekkom, diromanisasikan as Backkom in Asia-Pacific, or Bernard Bear in everyday use) is a short animation with a duration of 3 minutes air-genre of children's television series. This animation tells the story of Bernard, a polar bear, who is always unlucky in every episode because of him or other leaders. In Indonesia, the animation is aired on television stations MNCTV every day at 18.00 hrs.

It is produced by RG Animation Studios Animated, South Korean firms, along with EBS Productions (South Korea), BRB Internacional SA (Spain) & M6 Métropole television (France). [1] The story was written by a creative studio Screen21 Spain. Pengarahnya is José Luis Claudio Biern Ucha and Lliviria. Music composed by Oscar Rodriguez Maceda.

Bernard, the polar bear

Lloyd and Eva, penguins
Zack, lizards
Goliath, chihuahua
Sam, the baby
Pilot, dog
Pokey, hedgehog
Santa Claus.


Nominated for best animated series in Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (2006)
Mipcom Jr. Licensing Challenge Award (2004)
Prize in the Children and Education at the Dong-A International Festival of Cartoon & Animation (2004)
Finalist in the Annecy International Animation Festival (2003).

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