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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Luka Modric One more step to Real Madrid

Luka Modric 2012
MADRID - Real Madrid's intention to recruit Luka Modric be fine cuisine Spanish media. More recently, Marca estimate the number to be charged back Modric if so join Real Madrid.

If so join Real Madrid, Modric will not have a chance to wear the uniform back numbered 10 and 14. Because the man was 26 years been synonymous with the costume back numbered 10 and 14. When I was with Dynamo Zagreb, Modric back wearing the number 14 and re-wear the same number back at Tottenham Hotspur.

While the Croatian national team, Modric back wearing the number 10 after it was put on the back number 14.

At Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso's midfield is irreplaceable, Xabi Alonso. And back number 10 and would be an important player icons Los Blancos, Mesut Ozil. This situation makes Modric should look for a new number if it be joined to the stronghold of Santiago Bernabeu.

Modric could get back number 8's Kaka. However, the decline in appearance and often reserved Kaka, Kaka likely to give it back to Modric numbers. Moreover, widely circulated Jose Mourinho Kaka despite his contract will remove the remaining three years.

However, Modric is considered the most suitable to wear the uniform number ever worn back 23 David Beckham and Rafael van der Vaart, tandemnya at Spurs.

Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric be a serious game Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer. Tottenham Hotspur, a club owner Modric fix the price of 40 million pounds, but Real Madrid insists with a bid of 35 million pounds.

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