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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Best Places Enjoying the Sunset in Bali

Bali has always appealed to a variety of natural beauty. One of the beauties of nature in Bali that you should not miss the sunset. Here are 5 best places to see solar drowned in Bali.

Natural phenomenon that bodes the end of day is sunset. Sunset always attract attention and look forward to, especially if you're at the beach. Here are 5 best places to enjoy the sunset in Bali.

1. Uluwatu

For the lovers of surfing sports, famous as a paradise surfing Uluwatu. Lots of surfers at home and abroad who come here to play with the waves. Since most high waves, beginner surfers is not recommended to play here.

Not only a paradise for surfers, Uluwatu also a paradise for sunset lovers. Here you can enjoy the sunset from the shore or from the cafes that exist in the cliff. One of the best cafe to see the sunset is a Blue Point Cafe. You can enjoy soft drinks while waiting for the sun goes down.

2. Tanah Lot

In Tanah Lot the sacred snake found inside the cliff. The snake is believed sacred by the Balinese, because the sacred snake is the embodiment of Danghyang Nirartha scarves, one of Hinduism spreaders, and served to keep the Pura Tanah Lot. You can see first hand these snakes and pray.

Not just a story of religious, Tanah Lot also keep exotic sunset. Sunset in Tanah Lot, Uluwatu is no less beautiful. View of the sun is sinking combined with the vast sea and the sacred Tanah Lot, making the sunset at Tanah Lot can not be unmatched. You can take pictures as much with a dazzling sunset here.

3. Jimbaran

Want to enjoy the sunset while eating seafood? Visit Jimbaran. Long beach without reefs are beautiful, complemented by the setting sun could be the perfect view while you eat on the beach.

Rows dining overlooking the beach ready to pamper your taste buds. Choose a chair in an open area. You can enjoy the beach breeze while sitting waiting for food or play on the beach until sunset.

4. Amed

Amed Beach is located at the eastern tip of Bali is still rarely heard among domestic tourists. But already many tourists from abroad who frequently visit this beach. Pantai Amed Tulamben Beach adjacent to, but relatively more quiet than Amed Tulamben.

This beach is not a beach sunset, but because it was on the end then you can still see the sunset in other parts of Amed. Here, you can enjoy the sunset and also can be more intimate with nature. If you want to spend a quiet afternoon, Amed is really the right destination.

5. Kuta

Bali yet to name if you have not been to Kuta Beach. The beach is already well known in all corners of this world never run out of visitors. Charm of this beautiful beach is never timeless.

Enjoy the sunset at Kuta always give the sensation of its own. Although you may have often been to Kuta, but you will still be enchanted charm at sunset. Enjoy an orange sky and sea water which reflect light dusk. Sitting on the soft sand, hear the waves and watch the sun is slowly sinking in Kuta is a classic experience that is never boring.

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