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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

History of Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan silver dollar printed in an effort to keep silver prices stabilized after a large silver in Colorado led to a sudden crash in silver prices. dollar is smelted from 1878 until 1904, then stopped as suddenly increased the price of silver, the history of the dollar and then printed for one more year in 1921.
In addition, it is printed in several locations: Carson City, Denver, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Philadelphia, Denver and Philadelphia are the only locations mint today. The value of the Morgan silver dollar depends on his year, mint that created it, and the quality of its preservation.

A Morgan silver dollar has the head of Lady Liberty in front and spread-wing eagle holding arrows and olive branch in the back, you will recognize as the reverse is very similar to that quarter. This coin is the first of our coins melted down to use the slogan E Pluribus Unum. This is a huge coin, about the same size as a half dollar is currently in use or only slightly larger, and has a fineness of .900 silver, or silver 90%, so that the silver content, weighing only 24 grams. The remaining metal is copper.

Morgan silver dollars, unlike many of the coins are printed over a hundred years ago, has a value of DMPL, or Deep Mirror Proof Like it; is very heavy coin has blurred images and devices, so that part appears matte, while the background is silver polished . Early Morgan silver dollar is more likely to follow this format rather than later, making the dollar more DMPL later.

Other classes for dollar this is the Proof, Uncirculated, Good, Fair, and Poor. The wear rate determines the level of what the coin is in. A coin, sealed the perfect who have never touched is a Proof, a coin is perfect or nearly perfect that have been used are Uncirculated, a coin that is almost perfect with few flaws is good, a coin that has been seen wearing some of the Fair, and coins very worn, with the edges worn smooth, is poor, the lowest class.

From this value, the Poor Morgan silver dollars are generally worth very little, although there are some exceptions. Look also for signs of mint, a dash and the letters on the side of printing. Mint marks may be S (San Francisco), P (Philadelphia), O (New Orleans), D (Denver) and CC (Carson City). Of these, Carson City coins tend to be worth the most.

There are also several short runs are worth significantly more because they are rare: 1889-CC, 1893-S, and1895 far the most valuable evidence. The latter is in theory only have 880 coins released into circulation, and maybe a little current, the value is calculated to be approximately $ 66,000. Proof coins should not have a mintmark; attempt to forge it has been created by filling in the other dollar go proofmark at Morgan released that year, but the coin expert should be able to spot this immediately.
For coin collectors, a Morgan silver dollar a must-have: history, beauty, and often low-cost all make this an interesting coin to start, or add, to your collection.

History and Highlights Eisenhower Dollar Coins

Eisenhower Dollar series marks the return of large-sized dollar coin after the lapse of more than 30 years. The series was produced 1971-1978 with coins printed in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints. During the short duration of the series, specially created for many coin collectors include 40% silver coins and a special Bicentennial coins in 1976.
Previous series silver dollar is known as the Peace Dollar. These coins were printed from 1921 to 1935. From 1935 to 1964, there are additional silver dollar coins produced. denomination was almost made back in May 1965 when more than 300,000 coins produced by order of the President. Congress later rejected this order and demanded that stop production and all the coins melted. Later that year Congress passed the Act which include a ban on the production of coins silver dollar for at least five years.

After a period of five years, the idea began to emerge to create a new dollar coin. Design will honor Dwight D. Eisenhower who had died in 1969 and Apollo 11 space flight, which has placed the first man on the moon. Power laws for the new coin finally passed late in December 1970. Known for the production of large sized dollar coin stuck in the composition of the prevailing nickel clad copper, but also authorized the production of 40% silver version for coin collectors.

The front of Dollars featuring a portrait of former President Eisenhower prepared by Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro United States Mint. The reverse of the coin is also prepared by Gasparro under the symbol Apollo 11 mission. A history of the Bald Eagle dollar is shown landing on the moon, holding an olive branch. Earth visible in the background as seen from space.
In 1976, on the contrary to be redesigned as part of the American Bicentennial celebrations of ancient Indonesian currency. Robert R. Williams reverse design featuring a new interpretation of the Liberty Bell with the moon in the background. This is the proper way to acknowledge the original design while creating a new one to celebrate the 200th anniversary of America. The original reverse design continued in 1977.

Throughout most of the Eisenhower series, special coins produced for collectors. This includes 40% silver coins struck Uncirculated version in San Francisco Mint. These coins are packaged in a blue envelope and sold directly to collectors at high prices. San Francisco Mint also produced 40% silver proof versions are packaged in a box of chocolates. Finally, in 1976 a special three-coin set of silver coins produced 40% loan shark money. Third-quarter-dollar coins including half dollars, and dollars.

Although the Eisenhower Dollar series of brief, it offers many highlights of modern collectors. It was the last major dollar-sized coin, followed by Susan B. Little Anthony dollar. The issue of providing special Bicentennial reverse design of the second. Finally, different versions of the coin makes assembling a complete set of challenges of how to take money from the atm. In recent years the series has gained popularity a few, especially after the return of the dollar coin and a new series of Presidential Dollar.

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