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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peering Aircraft Presidency of the Near

Jakarta - President Next year the plan was able to use the presidential aircraft that have been purchased, Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 2. Iron Bird is widely used as a luxurious private planes and big corporate executives presidency. What kind of plane is this?

From, BBJ 2 is an evolution of the BBJ family. Compared BBJ 1, the volume of the aircraft cabin is 25 percent greater cargo volume and also add up to 100 percent. The greatness of this aircraft, can fly long distances nonstop from New York to London, Moscow or Dubai or London to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Singapore or Tokyo.

The aircraft was manufactured in a factory manufacturing Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in Renton, Washington, USA. The plane made with the joint venture or joint venture scheme between Boeing with General Electric. Cooperation created in response to high market demand for aircraft has a range of flying more than 6,000 miles.

BBJ made basing on the Boeing 737-700 series with an adjustable wing with wing -800 series. While the BBJ 2 created by basing on the Boeing 737-800 series. But compared to 737-800, this aircraft has a range and higher speeds. Noise and emission levels are lower than other members of the Boeing 737.

Fuselage is built using aluminum structure. Wings and tail planes also use a mixture of aluminum. The aircraft was designed so that air turbulence in the plane is reduced, thus increasing fuel mileage, range and altitude.

BBJ 2 was launched in October 1999, and diserahkanterimakan first time in March 2001. There are 13 BBJ that had been handed over.

Once the aircraft is delivered by the manufacturer, the buyers choose their own interior design company. For BBJ submitted in the 'green state', which means not painted and there are no interior fittings. Later pesawatlah settlement center that will install the interior and painting the aircraft.

The weight of this plane can be minimized by the use of composite materials with graphite, kevlar and carbon-reinforced plastics for the elevator, aileron and rudder. When empty, weighs 45,730 kg 737-800 aircraft, but at the maximum flying weight of 79,015 kg.

This aircraft has two CFM56-7B27 turbofan engines developed by CFM International, a company formed jointly by General Electric of the United States and Snecma of France. The aircraft is also able to reach an additional 180 minutes in flight time. With the use of dual engine (ETOPS), users can get a faster route.

Aircraft landing gear is hydraulically operated. Landing gear is also fitted with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers supplied by Boeing. This new generation aircraft having 3 to 10 additional fuel tanks.

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