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Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 The meaning of the Vehicle Code Ban

8 Ban on Vehicle Code Meaning
Maybe Buddy had never noticed the vehicle code-nya.Ternyata Ban Ban in Vehicle Code each having its own meaning and affect comfort in riding Kendaraan.Bahayanya, you do not know what year the tire was manufactured. In fact, written on the side edges. Including also the maximum speed limit is the meaning of the code allowed.following tires on vehicles Friend:
1. 215/50 ZR17 95W
Numbers and letters indicating the profile and speed are permitted. 215 = width of tire tread that sticks to the road surface, calculated from the end of both sides. 50 = height of the tire wall (usually there are 45, 55, 60 and 70). If the calculations are in millimeters, 50 had a percentage of the tire tread. so, 50% x 215 result (rounded) 106 mm. The ZR17 indicates the rim diameter wheels alias. Popularly called the ring 17. 95W = maximum weight of numbers as an index that can be carried by the tire, while W indicates the maximum speed limit of 270 km / h is allowed. Then other code, S = 180 km / h, M = 130 km / h, N = 140 km / h, P = 150 km / h, Q = 160 km / h, R = 170 km / h, S = 180 km / h, V = 240 km / h, T = 190 km / h, U = 200 km / h, and H = 210 km / hour.

2. Manufactured and Brand
Tire manufacturer and product name

3. Made in (Indonesia) and SNI (Indonesia)
State and tire maker had crossed the line standardization set in their own country.

4. Triangle logo or TWI (Tread Wear Indication)
Limit the use of tires. Usually if forwarded by drawing a line in the direction the tire tread, then there will be other signs, a bar that connects antarkembang tires. When it is interconnected, meaning the tire is considered bald and should be quickly replaced.

5. Ban blends
For example, plies: Tread 2 Polyester 2 DSteel I Nylon, Polyester sidewall 2 which could indicate that the site consists of two polyester, 2 steel and 1 nylon, while the tire wall just 2 polyester.

6. Production Date
Date of manufacture is printed in an oval or elliptical. A total of last 4 digits in the field that indicates the tire is produced with the details, the last two digits of the initial rates of production and 2 (in front) how many weeks (one year).

7. E Mark
On some tires, these signs indicate in any country can be accepted. Such as E1 can be accepted in Germany, France E2, E3 in Italy, the Netherlands or E4.

8. Compound Tires
To ban any kind of komponnya, namely SS (super soft), S (soft), M (medium), MH (medium hard), and H (hard). S compound tires with more grip on the blacktop, but wear out faster. Especially how to drive quite rough.

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