Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 TIPS SUCCESS Richard Branson

1. Do It!
Believe that anything can be done. Set the target. Enjoy life as fully as possible. Do not ever give up. Create the best possible preparation. Believing in yourself. Help each other.

2. Have fun!
Have fun, but with hard work, then the money will come. Do not waste time, grab the opportunity in front of you. Take a positive attitude in life. If it is not fun, leave.

3. Be Courageous
Consider the risks to be taken. Believing in yourself. Pursue goals and your goals. Do not easily regret. Dare. Never broken a promise.

4. Challenge Yourself
Aim your shot high. Try new things.

5. Stand on Own Feet Up
Depend on ourselves. Pursue goals, but live in the real world. Establish cooperation.

6. Enjoy Every Second You
Love and enjoy life as much as possible. Enjoy every moment. Do contemplation. Make every second counts. Do not easily regret.

7. Appreciate Friends and Family
FIRST families and groups. Be faithful. Confront the problem directly. Choose the right people and appreciate talent.

8. be Yours
Be courteous and respectful. Do it right. Maintain continued good name. Honest in any affair.

9. Trying to Doing Good
Change the world, even if only slightly. Do something different for the sake of others. Do not harm others. Always believe can do something to help.

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