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Do not say love the shaman refused to act, let us as bad as any former, we must also respect his decision because he is also entitled to a happy life, just so my post ni, ..

After a love affair can not be sustained, many couples who choose to go into a relationship "just friends". Is this kind of relationship can walk or there is always another purpose behind it?

Learn again why your relationship with the former must end. Cause love breakup can determine the success of your friendship with the former.

If you break up fine for not able to undergo long-distance relationships, friendships might be better. But if you break up because the former had an affair and now has a new girlfriend, lest you hold a grudge hidden for revenge.

Recognize your feelings and your intentions to make friends with your ex. If there is a goal to win her back or other purposes, should forget the words "friends" in your relationship.

Body language
He's not your lover now. He's just a friend like your other friends. Treat him just like your other friends. That is, all forms of attention which is manifested in body language such as kissing, holding hands, or hugging should not be done.

He may feel uncomfortable with the treatment because of his intention back in touch with your only friends. If you can not control the feelings, should avoid the first meeting with the former.

You are no longer entitled to get angry or sulk even if he came with a new person. Control your emotions and pertebal patience if you still want to have a friendship with him. Do not be too ambitious in your relationship. As a friend, would not have met every day or even once a week.

Do not expect in a short time you and he can have a comfortable relationship with your old friends. You and he may take longer to adjust to a friend. Do not ever push yourself or force him to accept this relationship quickly. One step, you could even lose her as a girlfriend and friend.

New page
Do not make friends with the former hoping to get her love back. If your relationship is over, accept it gracefully and improve ourselves in order not to repeat the same mistakes. Slowly, open a new chapter of your life. Nothing wrong with open hearts to new people. Friendships can be easier if you and he are both moving from the past.

Help a friend
In the early days, there's no harm in asking for help a friend to break the ice. If you and your ex have the same friends, have them gathered together. The more people, so you do not need to really focus with the former. Friends can also help alert if you do actions that could make it less convenient.

Do not trigger memories
Try not to visit places that are too romantic or it can trigger old memories. These friendships are different from ordinary friendship. One step, these friendships can be quickly ended. If it will go together, choose places where the atmosphere is neutral and does not trigger the things that make the atmosphere become stiff or strange.

Close the past
If you and your ex have decided to make friends, then you've agreed to seal up old memories. Talk about your past when you're both just going to make the atmosphere uncomfortable. No need to also bring up past mistakes if there are events or conversations that remind. Things like this will make the relationship becomes uncomfortable and even potentially lead to new conflicts.

Respect his decision
If all have been tried but he'd stay away, respect his decision. Maybe he did not yet feel comfortable to get in touch with you as a friend. There are many ways to keep your relationship with him. Give him time to adjust to the circumstances and a new leaf. Do not force him to continue to contact you if he has not felt comfortable. Build friendships slowly. Call it only at key moments such as holidays or birthdays to maintain good relations.

I hope what I write is very useful,

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