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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Einstein Scientists Weird

Behind his genius, many scientists who have strange behavior. Einstein considered less insane because of his behavior, while the inventor of the Tesla electric generators who likes to show off, using his body to demo its discovery.

Greatest scientists of this century, Albert Einstein had a very strange behavior. Einstein wrote the physics in mind, is the inventor of the theory of relativity, and contributed greatly to the science of gravity and quantum theory. But he has a habit of frequently removing boats from the water, when there was no wind. "Just to try," he said.

Another strange scientist is the inventor of the electric Tesla include a large electrical switch into the tub. Tesla was the inventor of the radio and AC power generator, after watching a lightning storm in 1856.

He is also known as a hyperactive genius and happy to show off. Scientists who did not sleep much that even using his body for electricity demo.

When Jack Parsons was not busy fund the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he studied magic and call themselves anti-religious. Mysterious bad boy in the space program has no formal education.

But he is the manager of the space program that developed the rocket fuel that helped the U.S. win World War II and led the U.S. into space. But, tragically Parsons exploded while performing laboratory experiments at his home in 1952.

As part of the Manhattan Project team, a group of geniuses who made the atomic bomb, physicist Richard Feynman is the most important scientist in the 20th century. Far from being a professor, he was very fond of music and adventure, deciphering the Maya language and collect the key in his spare time.

At the age of 12 years, Wernher von Braun toy vehicles comply with firecrackers and blow it up in a crowded German street. It's a sign of his future.

The brain behind the V-2 rocket of Hitler's entry into the U.S. as a prisoner and eventually become leaders and landing space explorers to the moon. Despite going out for space, she likes diving and studying philosophy.

Born in Castle Frankenstein, Germany, chemist of the 17th century Johann Dippel is the inventor of Prussian Blue. This material is a synthetic preservative that is not quickly broken.

Rumors he conducted experiments on humans eventually produce legendary characters from Mary Shelley's palace.

Leonardo da Vinci also has a strange habit. Outside the paint, producing works of Renaissance art masterpiece she still has time to run the eccentricities of life.

He liked to make sketches that turned out to be realized a few centuries later. For example, he has designed a helicopter.

Freeman Dyson is a scientist is also the author of science fiction. In 1960, he wrote about the future of humankind needed a shell that can absorb solar energy. Dyson also believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings and sure I can make contact in the coming decades.

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