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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Google Glasses, Glasses Android Futuristic

California - Google reportedly had a secret laboratory, dubbed as Google X. This is where Google's various experiments carried out by working on a variety of futuristic products. Includes a sophisticated computer glasses nicknamed Google Glasses.

His form is similar to ordinary glasses and can be worn comfortably. But apparently, the goggles can display various information about what users see in real time.

"They are in the final stages of making a prototype glasses that are similar to ordinary glasses. However, these glasses have a screen with a computer interface. There are a few buttons on the stem," said media 9to5Google that get leaked from internal sources.

Google reportedly recruiting experts from leading universities MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to realize Google Glasses. Reported by dailymail and quoted on Wednesday (12/21/2011), these glasses will use the Android operating system.

Glasses Google will display information about the environment in which the user is located, exactly as in various film Hollywoood. For example, if a user viewed the building is not known, these glasses instantly displays information about the building.

Google's own party say they have some sort of secret laboratory. "Google always invest in projects that are still in the stage of speculation, it is part of our DNA," said Google spokesman.

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