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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hair Model That Will Dominate In 2012

To understand the trend of hair, you should not miss these three keywords: film, Retrospect, and experimentation. Hair Trends in 2012 began to feel the symptoms since the end of this year. Consider just the film inspired David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will be released early next year in Indonesia. Or how about the 60's icon Brigitte Bardot still hold the top role models in almost every era since its heyday.
The 2012 is completely filled with a variant of a hairstyle that you were able to apply for formal or casual occasions. Flexibility is considered to attract the attention of lovers of the world's hairdo.

Fashionising defines hair trends in 2012 as a form of re-emergence and evolution. If you're still curious, here we jejerkan whatever hairstyle dominate next year.

Very short bangs

Maybe you're wondering what makes the hair style skinhead girls in England is up next year. Like the short hair style model that hip Demi Moore in the late '90s thanks to the movie Ghost, so even very short bangs model in the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo David Fincher filmed this.

No wonder that Rooney Mara, who plays the character of Lisbeth Salander is in the spotlight thanks to his acting that many critics praised the film. Thanks to its success, the Fashionising called short haircut as a new level of modern elegance.

Piled up and pinned

One more model is very easy to apply, yet has an elegant effect at a time. As the name suggests, pile up and flops, you can simply lift the top three sections of your hair, then pinned and gelungkan the bottom after the merge again.

Angelina Jolie's appearance at the top could be evidence that this simple arrangement can be applied in formal moments. After focusing on hair, turn your smart memadumadankannya with accessories, makeup, and dress appropriately.

Faux Bob

You've got long hair and started to feel uncomfortable letting it dangle? Cut is a poor choice because you have done a variety of treatments to keep it perfect.

Make it look shorter is the right choice. Only by menggelungkannya focus to the inside, you've got an updated new look for next year.

Fashionising recommend this hairstyle for those with straight hair in order to shape it more detailed and perfect.

Long and wavy

The name that appears first is Julia Roberts when we mention this point. For years the big beautiful actress in Hollywood is consistently used this hairstyle, but it was only the next year turned out to new observers take it as a role model.
New Styles include Julia Roberts-style hairdo with a special note, you must be layered haircut from the inside out so that the future can be better regulated. Make sure your hair is not too long and also not too short because it will be hard to be balanced with the lining.

Half up styles a la Brigitte Bardot

We know Brigitte Bardot as an icon in the era's most seductive. 2012 will document the re-model her hair half up that could boom in the 60's in order to increase the effect of sexy to anyone who applies.

This model is a direct effect on the shape of the face and head. Hair so it looks more volume, of course. And just need a simple step to form a half up right above your head. Take a bit of hair on the side of the upper, left and right, then merge into one. As the model's hair and barrette pile, this one fits the style is applied in formal and casual occasions.

Frizzy hair

No kidding, this is the experimentation for the critics to make it hip hair model next year. Inspired by the blaxploitation films in the 70s and soul / R & B, frizzy hair took part as a form of life again (revival). Erykah Badu is a role model for this style.

In addition to the model, experiments on hair color is also a thing that distinguishes between frizzy in the 70's with 2012. Frizzy next year more emphasis on the effects of soft and dreamy. So that fit the selected color is chocolate caramel style.

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