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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hair tips to break off the Official Event and Casual

Roll hair up or are familiar with mencepol called hair is perfect for showing your neck and give effect to a long face. Break off the hair is usually arranged to be above the head of the back, so that your hair will look higher on the back. This type of practical the top bun is the reverse of the hair whorl downward that makes your hair look accumulate above the neckline. Here are practical tips to break off the hair to appear at the top.

Long hair
In order to break off the hair look more attractive, this force should be applied to those who have longish hair, at least along the neck or even longer.

Tongs and hairpin
Arrange with a simple and tied into one will be easier for you in berkegiatan. In practical terms, some jobs require you to mencepol hair up, like in the field of food if you are a chef or even physical workers who require skills other higher. For that kind of work, a simple bond will suffice.

Simply tie your hair back and locks with a pin or a hair pencil. You are working in the office were not forbidden to mencepol with practical hair like this, because it will look nice and remain flexible.

For the short hair
If the back of your hair a bit shorter, try to menggelung with several other bonds and strands of hair. This style is perfect for short hair because you can menggerai your hair and put them together at one central point and embed it with a hair pin. Although this simple way, but will look attractive.

Formal event
Break off the hair for formal events are not much different that you apply in casual moments. Just add accessories like hair clips, ornaments, or a tiara.

Keep your hair neat hair spray
Hair spray can also help maintain cepolan hair, especially if you mencepol with several layers. The use of hair spray is also very effective for those with thick hair. You also can use to organize cepolan curling it.

Accent on the front
Giving accents on the front of the hair can produce an attractive force as a whole. For a formal hairstyle, curling some strands of hair on the front to frame your face properly used in the event that less formal. Accent a little curly at the front will enhance the beauty of modern and your overall appearance.

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