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Thursday, January 19, 2012

History of Barbie Dolls

History of Barbie Dolls
History of the doll is interesting to know, especially when we talk about the history of Barbie games. Doll beautiful women with long legs appeared around the year 1945 from a family of doll lovers. Keluraga was inspired by his daughter who likes to play paper dolls. Then the mother named Ruth Handler felt sorry for the child named Barbara Handler is always sad when a torn paper dolls. Therefore, the mother wanted to create a new toy for her doll games can last a long time.

Then made a beautiful female doll with blond hair and blue eyes. Legs and long arms so that the doll looks sleek and perfect. Barbie's body shape is believed to be the weaker sex ideal body shapes in miniature size. Therefore, many models of women who want a physique like a Barbie.

Barbie began production in 1945 by a family-owned company doll Handler, who named Mattel Toy Company in the United States. The doll is named after the daughter of the family name of the Handler, which is Barbara. Only his last name was changed to Barbara Millicent Robert, who was called Barbie.

Handler Family

Suddenly, this beautiful doll exploded in the market. Almost all the girls in the world like beautiful dolls.Produced more Barbie dolls and imported to the whole world even to the nagara-Middle East countries.

From there Barbie model was developed into the more modern of the starting model clothes to hairstyle. Even the Japanese are very keen to produce models of Barbie clothes, ranging from bathing suits, clothes hangout, work clothes, to sleep whenever they design clothes for her Barbie is beautiful.

In 1961, the doll company Mattel Toy Company launches Barbie doll male to mate because kasian the Barbie did not have a spouse. Male doll was designed by Barbara Handler, the daughter that inspired Barbie doll. He wanted to create a male doll and named Ken. The name of a guy in high school idol Barbara Handler. Unfortunately he does not love Barbara. Therefore, the Barbara perpetuate his love in the form of Barbie dolls and become their partner.

Until now Barbie and Ken dolls to be immortal and still many pecandunya, especially girls. Even the modern Barbie doll game is like a miniature of a normal human life. Barbie has a single house is designed with a bedroom, living room there is also a kitchen.

The model is also a lot of clothes with a hefty price expensive. Anyway Barbie's life to be perfect. She is beautiful, rich and handsome and had a boyfriend who is also wealthy. This is an imaginary world that crave human lives a perfect life like the life of Barbie.

The face of Barbie Doll Artist Imitating Hollywood

Aundrey Hepburndi

Carol Burnet

Diana Ross

Elizabeth Taylor

Marlyn Monroe

The couple face so inspiring ken barbie

James Dean

Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra

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