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Although the game is still planned new will come out in mid-2009 that will come, developer Maxis has provided little information on the latest series of The Sims, The Sims 3 which has been long awaited. Since it was first made Maxis The Sims, this game became one of the best-selling and most popular game in the history of the gaming industry. The Sims 3, following the success of this by presenting a "virtual life" a la The Sims into the trend of the world next-gen gaming.

A Whole New World, A Whole New Life
The Sims 3 has undergone massive changes, both in terms of gameplay and visual aspect of the graph. The Sims 3 now comes with a more captivating graphics and higher resolution quality. For the first time, The Sims 3 gives features of "sharing" in a game like Spore, where gamers can now share the "Sims" with other gamers worldwide. The biggest change in The Sims 3 is a system of "neighborhoods". In The Sims 3, each activity is performed both indoors and outside, everything happens in a large-scale maps. Now gamers do not have to wait for the "loading area" to move where.

Mode "Create-A-Sim" which is used to create the character has undergone changes and innovations are more interesting. Gamers can now determine the height and weight of character. The new feature is quite interesting is the ability to determine the texture pattern used on garments. Gamers can create a similar set of clothes, from head to foot. In addition, gamers can set the "hair style" which vary depending on the type of clothing that they use. Any characters that are created will have various types of "personality" is unique.

New Gameplay Mechanic
Each activity occurs in real time either inside or outside the home. This creates a lot of events that are unique and interesting. Any gameplay that is played will give game experience is different. Developers also have renewed the system of "attribute" used by each character. The Sims 3, the developers have improved it. Now gamers will be more focus on their characters in "live" globally than ever before are more focused on "everyday activities".

The Sim's Careers
Until now this has been known to as many as 12 career jobs that can be done by the The Sims. Careers are Law Enforcement, Crime, Military, Science, Politics. Journalism, Business, Entertainment, Culinary, Medical, Athletic, and Gardening. In contrast to previous campaigns in every career has now selected a variety of branches.

The World of Sim
The Sims 3 is an outline still remains a "The Sims" with gameplay that has proved successful and in demand by many gamers. The Sims 3, developed the concept of successful gameplay is becoming more perfect. So far every new feature, both in terms of customization of characters or gameplay elements, has a promising potential.

This game may not be able to persuade gamers gamers-yan from the outset did not like this kind of game like this. However, a fact which has been proven that the series of The Sims himself has become one of the most successful games in the history of the gaming industry. The Sims 3 is a decent game for the eagerly awaited, especially for any fans of this series. The Sims 3 brings new features and innovative gameplay that is additive. Who the hell are not curious about what it feels like "controlling" a person's life?

The Sims is a strategic simulation computer game created by game designer Will Wright, published by Maxis, and distributed by Electronic Arts. This game is a simulation of daily activity in the household. On February 4, 2000, the game has sold over 16 million copies making it the biggest selling computer game in history.

Extensive review

The Sims focuses on the lives of virtual people called Sims. Players can control the daily activities of the Sims, as told him to sleep, eat, read, or bathe. Will Wright, designer of this game, a game called The Sims as digital playhouse ("Digital Dollhouse"). Apart from that we also can make people dengankarakter respectively.

The expansion pack

The Sims is one of gaming's most expansion pack. Until now, there are 7 expansion pack that has been produced for The Sims (sorted by release date)

The Sims: Livin 'Large
Release date: August 31, 2000 (North America)
The Sims: Livin 'Large (known also as The Sims: Livin' It Up in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Finland) is the first expansion pack released for The Sims. Livin 'Large is an additional character, career, goods, and new features.

The Sims: House Party
Release date: 21 April 2001 (North America)
The Sims: House Party is the second expansion pack for the game The Sims. House Party provides additional features for a party, as well as additional characters and new items.

The Sims: Hot Date
Release date: 12 November 2001 (North America)
The Sims: Hot Date is the third expansion pack for The Sims. Hot Date provides a new feature that is not in the previous expansion pack, namely the ability to leave home and go to a new place called "Downtown." In Downtown, sim sim can invite others to eat or a date. In addition, Hot Date also provide additional furniture items, characters, and new clothes.

The Sims: Vacation
Release date: March 28, 2002 (North America)
The Sims: Vacation (or The Sims: On Holiday in Ireland, Great Britain, and China) is the fourth expansion pack for the game The Sims. Vacation provide additional housing (neighborhood) has called Vacation Island, where Sims can holiday with their families. Vacation Island is divided into three zones, namely beaches, forests, and mountain snow.

The Sims: Unleashed
Release date: 7 November 2002 (North America)
The Sims: Unleashed is the fifth expansion pack developed by Maxis / EA game The Sims. In Unleashed, there are additional features that allow players to maintain the animals. Some animals, including dogs and cats, such as Sim-diperlakuakn they need to eat and drink. While other animals are treated as objects (ornaments).
In Unleashed, lot housing (neighborhood) which originally amounted to only 10, has developed into more than 40 pieces are divided into residential and commercial zones. In the commercial lot, players can set up shop and various types of restaurants.
In addition, this expansion also provides many additional in-game music.

The Sims: Superstar
Release date: May 13, 2003 (North America)
The Sims: Superstar is the sixth expansion pack of the game The Sims. Sims expansion pack allows players to become a celebrity.

The Sims: More'Magic
Release date: October 29, 2003 (North America)
The Sims: More 'Magic is the latest expansion pack released for the game The Sims. This expansion pack provides new features that allow players to use magic in the game.

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