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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Blackberry Girlfriend-The Latest Film in Indonesia

Blackberry My Girlfriend is a drama / comedy Indonesia which was released on December 29, 2011, directed by and starring HW Findo Purwono by Luna Maya and Fathir Muchtar.


Martin bought through blackberry former acquaintance of a beautiful girl named Angel. Angel is actually looking for blackberry owners earlier. vent discontent because he could not find the person he was looking for, to Martin.
Angel then fill in the days of Martin with all the behavior and the actual demand is very troublesome. Valid days are preoccupied with taking care of Angel Martin ranging from dining with him, accompanied shopping and all the bayarin Martin.
From the outside, Martin and Angel looked like lovers. The couple is cute and hilarious. Martin has always made ​​the butt and victim of 'cruelty' Angel. Although often complain, yet Martin had never refused a request Angel who sometimes outrageous and ridiculous. Martin secretly enjoying every second with Angel, and being fiercely protective of Angel.
Slowly but surely fall in love with Martin, but he never said it. Angel also did not show signs of love, or say it. Their relationship continues like that - no status.
One day, Martin realizes that Angel was pregnant.
After that Angel did not have any contact with Martin again. Dozens of Martin's message was not returned. And Angel had just disappeared.

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