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Sunday, January 22, 2012

President of China Playing Fireworks

Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the poor in urban and rural areas around Beijing, Monday (23 / 1). He saluted and encouraged the people in the traditional New Year celebrations moon.

The President arrived at the old shops in the Qianmen area, south of Tiananmen Square, waving to pedestrians and people warmly welcomed.

This road was once the busiest area of ​​the rebuilt as a region and the shopping streets when the government held a typical Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Qianmen area of ​​more than 20 times already bagged an award as the stores are selling the best brands. In addition, this region still has krereta antique trolley that runs to and fro.

President Hu entered the 270-year-old store, which sells well-known variety of the best pork and store in menjakan honest business. Hu hoped the store is still promoting the tradition of good sales when serving its customers.

Not to forget, Hu tried trains antique trolley along the way this Qianmen. He asked the Mayor of Beijing continues to develop service industries and tourism.

After that, Hu visited the food processing company in Shunji, a suburb northeast of Beijing. He reviewed the process of food production and corporate laboratories. Hu calls on companies to more detailed check of food safety.

When Hu's tour is almost finished, he stopped at a small village near Wall Raksas Tianxianyu northern China in Beijing which is mountainous. He enjoyed New Year's tradition in the village. There are many red lanterns on display in almost every home. The atmosphere is very beautiful is created.

Hu visited the home of veteran soldiers Qicheng Shao (85), listening to the experience of Shao and his friends when defending the country. He promised to ask the Beijing authorities to notice the welfare of veterans and seniors, to be comfortable in passing the rest of their lives.

Hu then joined traditional Chinese opera with villagers. Atmospheric show reached its peak, when the villagers demonstrating a dragon dance to welcome the Year of the Dragon this.

"My friend the village, today is the Spring Festival evening, I congratulate the New Year!," Said Hu. "I'm happy with the improvement of living standards of you," he added.

Hu also said Chinese Communist Party Central Committee considers it important problems of agriculture, countryside and farmers. The Committee continues to be a pro mengupayan agricultural policy, rural communities and farmers.

She then partied fireworks with the village children happily. New Year Celebration The moon or the Spring Festival is the most important holiday in China that bind citizens to meet his extended family back in the villages of China.

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