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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Success story of Adam Khoo, The Fool Who Become Billionaire

Sign in elementary school, he hated reading; wants only to play computer games and watching TV. Because not learn, a lot of value F which make him more hated her teacher; hate studying, and even hatred toward school

Currently sitting in third grade he was expelled from school, and moved to another school. When going into junior high, she declined 6 schools, and finally into the worst schools. In schools that so many people are stupid and not well accepted in school, Adam Khoo is among the most stupid. Among the 160 students contemporaries, Adam Khoo was ranked 10th lowest.
His parents panicked and sends him into a lot of tutoring, but it did not help at all. In a school with a value of 0-100, the average value is 40. Even the math teacher had invited her mother and asked, "Why in the junior class 1, Adam Khoo can not do about the 4th grade?"

At the age of 13 years, Adam Khoo sent to the Super-Teen Program is taught by Ernest Wong, who uses technology Accelerated Learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Whole Brain Learning. Since then Adam Khoo belief change. He believes that he can. Shown by Ernest Wong that everyone can be a genius and a leader even though initially stupid. Ernest Wong said, "The only thing that can hinder us is a mistaken belief as well as a negative attitude." These words affect Adam Khoo. He finally has the confidence that if anyone can get an A, so could he. During this time Adam Khoo stupid, because he was young, naive, and accept wholeheartedly the words of others who are negative.

For the first time in his life Adam Khoo brave determine its targets, namely getting an A all. He determines the short-term goal, which is entered Vitoria Junior College (the best high school in Singapore), long-term goals into the National University of Singapore and the best student there.

When he returned to school, Adam Khoo immediately take action by attaching motivational words that he pictures himself and learn to use to learn the correct way (which is not taught in any school), using speed reading techniques, how to record using both sides of the brain, and use super memory techniques, and when Adam Khoo questioned by his teacher, he can answer appropriately.

When friends and his teacher asked what he would accomplish, answered by Adam Khoo that he would be ranked # 1 in school, enter Victoria Junior College and National University of Singapore. Everyone laughed at him, because it's never happened in history that a graduate school in question is entered Victoria Junior College and National University of Singapore. Not so sluggish because of the laughing, Adam Khoo even more challenged to getting to work smart and hard to achieve your dreams and change history.

Within 3 months the average value rose to 70. In one year, from the lowest ranking he was number 18. and when graduated from high school, he was number 1 with a value of A Pure Ebtanas all for the 6 subjects tested. He then accepted at Victoria Junior College and got an A round to three favorite subjects. Finally he was accepted at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and because the university every year he became champion, Adam Khoo eventually incorporated into the NUS Talent Development Programme. This program is specifically given to the TOP 10 students who are considered geniuses.

How can a man who was considered stupid, rather tebelakang, and had no hope, and ranks the lowest in its class can change, become champion class and was considered a genius? Well, you already know what was said by Ernest Wong,

"What inhibits us is a false belief and the negative attitude". Adam Khoo's first success came from changes in the mistaken belief be correct beliefs (from the belief "I am stupid, pass it difficult" to "If others can get A, I can too!")
The second key to success is there that he has a steady purpose ("The value I have all A, 1 champion, entered Victoria Junior College, and the best NUS go there")
The third key to success is that he has a very strong reason. He even said a public commitment in front of the garden-friend, talk to the class and ridiculed. As a result, if not an A, he would be ashamed extraordinary; whereas when got an A, he will be proud incredible.
The fourth key to success is that he has starategi the right to learn. He make use of techniques to read faster, how to record using both sides of the brain, and use both sides of the brain, and use super memory techniques.

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