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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Story of The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a cartoon series of the popular U.S. comedy. Simpsons created by Matt Groening and the show began airing as a piece of Tracey Ullman Show in 1987.

Each episode focuses on the life Simpsons Simpsons family which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Simpsons family is accompanied by many supporting characters who themselves also have been quite familiar to the audience.

Although the cartoon format, the Simpsons is a show intended for adult audiences. The themes raised diverse and often controversial, for example, about politics and homosexuality. The series is successful because the humor-humor that hit the audience and creative. In addition, the Simpsons voice cast also many invited guests, good actors, politicians, sportsmen, etc..

Simpson Family

Homer Simpson

Raised by a father who was a veteran of World War II and abandoned by his mother, Homer Simpson grew up without a good relationship with the ayah.Ia the Simpsons family head who was plump and most liked donuts. Working in a nuclear plant, but very lazy at work. Homer Simpson really hates his job, but no longer have a choice considering he had to support a wife, three children and a dog. In his life, Homer Simpson was involved in a lot of great things, including a fight with President Bush, went into space, got grammy awards with his band, until the band's tour crew smashing pumpkin.
Famous quotations:
"D'oh!" (When conscious of having done something silly)
"Mmmm ... (add name of any object; but most often food, for example: Mmmm ... mmmm ... donut ...., pencil ....)..." (Now imagine something "tasty")
"Why, you little ..." (While strangling Bart)

Marge Simpson
Homer's wife; mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie; housewife's attention to his children; often make jokes that are not funny. The good nature is in sharp contrast with her husband Homer. in addition to being a housewife, Marge Simpson had undergone several jobs ranging from Real Estate agents to police officers.

Bart Simpson
The eldest son; mischievous, ignorant, lazy and stupid; like skateboarding; favorite show is The Krusty Show & The Itchy & Scratchy Show; his closest friend is Milhouse van Houten. Bart Simpson often scribbled on the wall under the pseudonym "El Barto". He often menjahili bar owner Moe, through jokes via telephone.
Famous quotations:
"Aye, carumba!"
"I did not do it, no body saw me do it"
"Do not have a cow man!"
"Eat my short."

Lisa Simpson
Second child; love to play the saxophone; very smart but has a few friends. Clever and full of initiative is a hereditary talent possessed only by the women diKeluarga The Simpson. Lisa Simpson felt the talents wasted because it was in the family ini.Dalam The Simpsons Movie Lisa has a boyfriend named Colin.

Maggie Simpson
Youngest child, was always seen with a rubber pacifier in his mouth. Although he was a baby but he had accidentally shot Mr.. Burns with a gun in two episodes of "who shot Mr.Burns". He was the last child in this family are often forgotten by the presence in the father. But the story of the birth of Maggie's quite touching and discussed in the episode "Pls Maggie makes three"

Abraham Simpson
Grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Now living in a nursing home.

Santa's Little Helper
Dogs owned by Bart, had a dog trained to race. But because it has lost the ability, eventually taken by Homer and handed over to Bart as Christmas gifts.

The big screen

According to distributor 20th Century Fox series The Simpsons will be featured in the movie version in 2007.

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