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Your friends may have often read stories about Bill Gates but would have never read the story of Bill Gates and Paul Allen's following me tell you about the successful journey of these two men.
William Henry Gates III, or better known as Bill Gates, born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. Bill's father, Bill Gates Jr.., Worked at a law firm as a lawyer and his mother, Mary, is a former teacher. Bill was the second of three brothers. Since childhood he has a hobby of "hiking", even up to now even these activities are often done when he was "thinking".

Small Bill is able to easily get through the primary school with the very satisfactory, especially in science subjects and Mathematics. Knowing this, parents of Bill, then send her to school in a private school known for its good academic coaching, called "Lakeside".
At that time, Lakeside has just bought a computer, and within a week, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and several other students (mostly later became the first programmer micr * soft) have spent all day computer class for one year.

Bill Gates' computer skills have been recognized since he was still in school at Lakeside. Starting with her "hack" a computer school, changing schedules, and placement of students. In 1968, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and two other hackers hired by the Computer Center Corporation. to be a tester security systems company. In return, they are given the freedom to use a company computer. According to the Bill when it is they really can "enter" computer. And this is where they begin to develop the ability to formation of micr * soft, seven years later.
Furthermore, the ability of Bill Gates getting honed. Making payment system program for Information Science Inc., is a business first. Then with Paul Ellen founded their first company called Traf-O-Data. They make a small computer capable of measuring the flow of traffic. Working as a debugger in the company TRW kontrkator defense, and as a responsible computerized school schedule, complements the experience of Bill Gates.

Autumn of 1973, Bill Gates went to Harvard University and enrolled as a student of law faculty. Bill is able to both attend college, but just like in high school, his attention soon turned to the computer. While at Harvard, his relationship with Allen remained close. Bill is known as a genius at Harvard. Even one of his teachers told him that Bill is an extraordinary genius programmer, but a man that sucks.

December 1974, when about to visit Bill Gates, Paul Allen read Popular Electronics magazine article with the title "World's First Microcomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models". This article contains the first Altair 9090 microcomputer. Allen then discussed with Bill Gates. They realize that the era of "home computer" will be coming soon and explode, making the availability of software for the computer - the computer is needed. And this is a great opportunity for them.

Then in a few days, Gates contacted the manufacturer of the Altair, MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems). He said that he and Allen, has made a BASIC that can be used on the Altair. Of course this is a lie. Even they did not write a single line of code. MITS, who did not know this, very interested in BASIC. Within 8 weeks of BASIC have been prepared. Allen BASIC to MITS to present. And although, this is the first time for Allen to operate the Altair, was BASIC can work perfectly. A year later, Bill Gates left Harvard and founded Microsoft.

The story of Bill Gates Leaving Harvard For Chasing Dreams

When he was bored with Harvard, Gates applying for jobs related to computers in the Boston area. Gates Paul Allen encouraged to try to apply as a program maker in Honey-well so that they can continue their dream to establish a software company.
On a December day in the frozen, Paul Allen saw the front cover of Popular Mechanics magazine, published in January 1975, the micro computer images of revolutionary new assembly MITS Altair 8080 (small computer is a forerunner to the PC at a later date). Gates and Allen then persuaded him to see that they must develop a language for that simple little machine. Allen continued to say, Let us build a company. Let's do it.

We realize that the revolution can happen without us. After we read the article, no doubt imana we will focus our lives. The two friends were rushed to a Harvard computer to write an adaptation of the BASIC language program. Gates and Allen believes that the small computer that can do wonders. From there they also have a dream, the availability of a computer on every desk and in every household.

The spirit of Allen and Gates are not useless. Starting from a small computer that is the fashion of all sorts komputansi. And now you can see that the PC has truly become a tool of information era. And almost everyone knows Bill Gates as the richest man in the world today.

"People who succeed are those who have a dream and a belief that the dream will occur regardless of the price he must pay ..."

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