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Friday, January 6, 2012

Terms, Abbreviations, Dictionary of Photography

Here is a Glossary, Abbreviations, and Dictionaries which are often used in the world of photography and the photographer:

FID: Film strip Identification number
USC: Uniform Sigma Crystal / crystal sigma uniform
Crystals sigma: items silver halide
AFS: Auto Focus Silent Wave Motor
AFD: Auto Focus Distance Information
DIR: Development Inhibitor Releaser
SPD: Silicon Photo Diode
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
IR: Infrared
LED: Light Emitting Diode, lights
ISO / ASA: The degree of sensitivity of the film
ISO: International Standards Organization
ASA: American Standards Association
DIN: Deutsche Industry Norm
NiMH: Nickel Metal Hydride
NiCd: Nickel Cadmium
DRAM: Data Random Access Memory
RISC: Reduce Intruction Set Computer
CCD: Charge Couple Device (on a digital camera)
CPL: Circular Polarizing
USM: Ultrasonic motor

Lens Mount: Mounting the lens
MF: Manual Focus
AF: Auto Focus
Fps: Frames per second:
Aperture: Diaphragm
Lens Hood: Hood lens
Aperture priority: Priority setting in aperture, shutter speed automatically
Shutter: Shutter
PC terminal: Terminal for external flash hot shoe on
Hot shoe: Legs blitz
Spot: Measurement of lighting only at a certain point
View finder: Viewfinder
Push: Improving the sensitivity of the film in a photo shoot, eg from ISO 100-200/lebih
Pull: the opposite of Push
Main Light: Light charger / extra

Wedding Photo: Potraiture pairs (create a romantic image recording, both of the pose as well as from the atmosphere.
Wedding photos are divided into two:
Neo Classic Potraiture, is a form of visual images that beraura romantic pairs
Classic wedding, is to form images in pairs should be memorable
Blouwer: The fan used on the shoot to generate wind effects.
Reverse ring: used to mount behind the lens, to create a macro lens alternative to light
Golden section: Pieces of gold; composition law which says that the alignment would be achieved if a field is the unity of the two fields are interconnected.
Composition: arrangement of line, plane, tone, contrast and texture in a particular format
Silhouette: lighting technique for displaying shape objects without showing the details
Framing: Framing the object to give the impression of depth / dimension of the object image
Panning: The technique of shooting with the impression of motion (changing background menjaid lines while the main object recorded clearly
Sandwich: The technique combines photographs
Cross Process: The process of cross-examination, usually done on film positiv (E6) to the negative film (C 41), giving rise to new colors on photos
Photo essay: (Let the pictures do the talking):), arranging photos into themed story.

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