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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips Relieve Pain After Heart End Love

There's no single person in this world, a happy moment breakup, especially those that become parties to be decided, either because in-emphasized or because of other problems. But, as humans do not be too late in sadness.

Although he felt so heavy release, remember that in the world there is not eternal. Here's my solution to ease the pain you were quoted from

1. Do not Meet with Ex-Lover While Time
After the breakup, avoid meeting or in connection with your ex-lover. Feelings of affection that still exist may encourage you to call, send text messages or see him. But this action will only remind the pain of a breakup. You should really breakup with the former, at least for several months to heal the hurt.

2. 'Enjoy' That's Pain
It is very reasonable when we lose a loved one. When feeling pain, it means a sign that you are in the process of healing. Cry if you want to cry, and shout if indeed it can make sense of some relief. The pain after a breakup can inspire you to do something better, that you never have before.

3. Self busied
The best way to heal wounds because of broken love and forget the former is to keep myself busy. You would not think of a former lover, if not give the brain a chance to remember it. Try actively involved in various activities. Choose activities you enjoy. Not only refreshes the mind, many activities also divert your mind from the former.

4. Just pour your grief to friends Close
It's okay to tell how hurt you after a breakup. But that does not mean you can talk to every person you meet. Instead of sympathy, this action can actually make friends away from you. Bijaklah in addressing the 'tragedy' your breakup. Speak only in a friend or someone close to you, just understand you and want to hear any complaints. It would be better if the person is able to calm, to find solutions and encourage you to continue living.

5. Spill your feelings in writing
Shed all the pique in writing it could be other alternatives to ease the sting of a breakup. Remove all the pain, frustration and anger in a diary, a scrap of paper or a computer (but do not pass it to the group email or social networking). After recovering from the
and painful, you can read it back as a means of introspection to establish better relations with the next pair.

6. Meditation
Meditation is one of the old techniques for relaxation and relax tense mind. Sit quietly in the room, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remove it slowly. While relaxing, you can keep negative things from your mind. Light the candles and aromatherapy
instrumental music to add a sense of calm during relaxation.

7. Give Attention In the Family
Parents, brother and sister probably are people who have a big impact on your life. They will always be on your side good times and difficult. When a love affair with a former lover, maybe you do not provide much time for family. This is the time you devote a lot of time and hanging out with family. Try to get them to recreation, or just to eat dinner together. The warmth of the family is the most potent drugs for
heal wounds.

8. Focus on Career
Do not let grief interfere with your work performance. It will probably work hard to concentrate when we suffered a problem. But try to make a career as a priority in your life. With a focus in the work, not only helps you forget the hurt, but also improve your work performance in office.

9. Enjoy Solitude
Recover from the pain of a breakup is not easy. Therefore, you need time to calm down for a while. Do not immediately try to intertwine new relationship after a breakup to escape.

Well, maybe the tips above can not soothe your pain, but try to think and reflect that, you too are God's creatures who have good and bad but at least Tips Relieve Pain After Heart End of Love can be beneficial.

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