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Friday, January 6, 2012

Drinking Tea Benefits and Dangers

Benefits of Drinking Tea:

1. Strengthening Teeth & Preventing Dental Caries in
Elemental Fluoride (F) is quite high on tea, can help in preventing dental caries in the growth and strengthen teeth

2. Reducing the Risk of Food Poisoning
Catechin elements (one element in polyphenols), has been shown that these elements have the ability to stop the growth of some bacteria that cause food poisoning (according to research from Taiwan and Japan).

3. Strengthening the Body Resistance
With the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E, the tea can also help strengthen the immune system.

4. Refreshing Body
Tea contains caffeine which is different from a type of coffee, then tea can also stimulate the nervous system of our body so pengambilanoksigen more smoothly into the body.

5. Preventing High Blood Pressure
Epigallocatechin and epicatechin Gallat which is a variant of catechin, poorer able to act as an inhibitor of the angiotensin trasferase, the enzyme causes high blood pressure. More information can also be concluded that the ability of catechin to prevent high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and ward off free radicals, the catechins can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Preventing Cholesterol
Catechin, it also has been demonstrated that can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and speed up the removal of cholesterol through the feces.

7. Optimizing Sugar Metabolism
Manganese (Mn), which is contained in tea may help the decomposition of sugar into energy. Thus, tea may help keep blood sugar levels.

8. Prevents Cancer Growth
The ability of catechin (one element in polyphenols) can inhibit the occurrence of mutations in cells of the body and neutralize free radicals.

Dangers Of Drinking Tea:

Tea can indeed provide benefits to the drinker, but there are certain people who jugabeberapa advised to not consume too much tea because it could backfire for the health people are:

1. Patients who are not good kidney function and can not hold urine or incontinence due to serve tea to launch the disposal of urine. Many tea interfere with kidney function, so it will be increasingly burdensome disease patients.

2. Pregnant women
Women who are pregnant require sharing of nutrients to supply the needs of her metabolism and also the fetus in her womb. If he is too much to drink tea, the tannin or tannic substances in tea dapatbersenyawa with iron in the foods they consume become a kind of compound is not absorbed by the body. This addition can lead to anemia and iron deficiency in pregnant women, can also lead to the fetus in the womb become iron deficient congenital. So that after birth the baby will also suffer from anemia and iron deficiency.

3. Women who are breastfeeding
Women who are breastfeeding should not drink strong tea. This is because one of the poison in the tea (caffeine) can influence spending breast milk, so milk is reduced, other than that caffeine can also enter the body of the baby through breast milk can cause intestinal baby into convulsions, so the baby will not cry

4. People who had fever
For people who are suffering from fever, instead of drinking tea may lower the body temperature but it will increase the temperature of his body heat. This is because theophyline contained in tea can elevate body temperature, making even body temperature-lowering drugs function to be lost or diminished.

5. People who have weak nerves and insomnia
The sufferers of this disease should not drink tea because it will only further aggravate the disease. This is due to the caffeine content in tea can lead to excited nervous system and raises the basic metabolism, so it would make more difficult to sleep and feel

6. People with less blood
Iron in the food enters the digestive tract in the form feros hydroxide colloids. Iron in colloidal form can not be absorbed by the body directly. He has to go through the role of gastric sap can then be absorbed through the body. Tanat acid in tea is very easy bersenyawa with iron and form soluble acid feros tanat that hinder iron absorption. When the body of the iron deficiency anemia, hemoglobin synthesis in the body can be reduced, and the disease can get worse.

7. People who experience constipation
They abstain from drinking strong tea because tanat acid in tea has astringent roles, namely penggeliangan debilitating intestinal tract. If they are desperate to drink strong tea then the illness will get worse.

8. Children
Drinking tea is not too good for anak2, this is because after drinking tea anak2 be easily aroused enthusiasm, poor appetite, digestive tract mucous membranes shrink thereby affecting the digestion of food and penyerapannya.Asam tanat in tea may also affect the absorption of vitamin B and iron in thus resulting in decreased food menuyustnya hemoglobin and erythrocyte volume, which will result in less susceptible to anemia or blood.

9. People who have high blood pressure and suffered a heart tea can indeed help protect the heart but for those who have already suffered from heart disease should avoid drinking tea brand condensed, because the levels of caffeine in tea can stimulate people and raise blood pressure. If they still drink tea then his heart will beat faster, feeling very uneasy even experienced arrhythmia or absence of cardiac rhythm.
After learning a few because they abstain from drinking tea will certainly be a concern for us. Although tea also has benefits for the health but the health effects of tea more as preventive (prevent). And that too would mean if the tea taken regularly and with the right dose

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