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Monday, February 20, 2012

Difference Between Netbook, Notebook, and Laptop??

What is the difference between netbooks, notebooks, and laptop? As well as the advantages and disadvantages of the three types.

Of size and function

Based on computer placement is divided into three categories: the desktop, laptop, and palmtop. For it is clear that the desktop is placed on the desk, and a laptop with a prefix of the word "lap" which means lap, it means that your computer can lap. While the palmtop with the prefix word "palm" which means the grip, meaning a computer that can be grasped.

In the early 1990s, the emerging new term that is defined initially Notebook for a smaller laptop. In a further development of laptops and notebooks are identified with the same goods.

Netbook Acer Aspire S3
Identified with a laptop computer that can be folded and lap. While the netbook is part of the laptop, the notebook is sized smaller, lighter, more mobile and identical so used to the internet.

Netbook itself is short for "Internet Notebook". Physically to distinguish between a laptop, notebook and netbook is the size and function.

Variants of the notebook size 12 ", 13", 14 ", 15, and 17" and has complete facilities including optical disc drives (CD / DVDRW), whereas the smaller Netbook 8 ", 10, 11" and 13 "and Its main characteristics are usually not equipped with an optical disc drive.

Laptop / Notebook
- The performance and higher performance and can functionally replace almost Desktop PC
- Electricity consumption is lower than Desktop PCs
- Varian model very much

- Physical form large, so for those who are highly mobile it is less convenient
- The battery can not hold it too long because of high processor power consumption

The surplus
- The price is cheaper
- Small size, very light weight making it perfect for those who are mobile
- Longer battery life

The drawback
- The performance of the processor is lower than the laptop / notebook
- Optical Disc has no internal drive, so a bit difficult if you will read the data or entertainment that use CD / DVD

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