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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fortune Dragon, Unique Flashdisk of Kingston

Kingston, reputable vendors for the data, introduce new products in the form of unique and funny flash dragon motif with Fortune Dragon label. The plan, Kingston will soon launch a flash with the label Fortune Dragon Dragon in 2012, which only had its day.

Kingstone Fortune Dragon is only available in one color cast, which is red mixed with yellow light. In addition to the red and yellow color combination that became Typically on the USB. This flash can also be put like a doll in a sitting position, when seen, absolutely no form of flash, but it looks like a doll ornament.

Not only that, it uses red color believed to bring good luck. While the dragon motif in addition to the Chinese zodiac horoscop to-5 in the Chinese myth, the legend of the dragon as well as animals that symbolize power.

In addition, Fortune Dragon can also be made ​​as a gift or a keepsake for your relatives and friends. Where the flash is already packaged in special boxes that are included in accordance with cantolannya.

With a design that looks a bit odd with a mustache and horns yellow USB is rather unique and interesting look. USB will be available in January 2012 in order to welcome the coming year of the dragon and is priced at Rp100 thousand's.

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