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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prince of Persia Review

If you think most of today's title game is too easy, wait till you play the latest version of Prince of Persia, or Prince of Persia: Prodigy. Adventures of the prince who is usually very difficult and challenging is made too easy. We were approached death would not be possible when we play the prince. Thanks to Elika, the prince's fellow traveler this time that makes it all too easy.

From several sides, Prince of Persia will remind you in style permaninan Prince of Persia Sands of Time episode, which for some reason omitted in the sequel. Our hero this time, although alluded to as a prince in the story but it looks even more like the pirates of the desert. While Elika ladyship ladyship should look pretty and beautiful without having to perform excessive sexiness. Throughout the game we will be more scraping past than the prince's Elika. Together they would restore Ahriman once more into the jail. Might ask, who is Ahriman? Like the story of a mystical night of 1001, this time the prince had to deal with a dark god named Ahriman. Ormaz Ahriman imprisoned by the god of light for thousands of years in the areas inhabited by Elika. Task is imprisoned Ahriman the prince once again by removing the darkness that poisoned the whole arena of using magic Ormaz owned by Elika.

Elika and the prince's relationship is more complete than the previous series, Ubisoft even give the name Farah for the donkey prince. Though Farah's name used to name the princess in the previous episode. Princess Elika has an important role in solving the puzzle as well as the safety of the prince's guards. The second function Elika seems tailor-made for people who hate the challenge. Just imagine every time the prince went wrong and almost in free fall, Elika will fly and pull the prince returned to the footing. It's really a nice feature as well as annoying, because it eliminates all the challenges of playing. Actually, some movements like Elika, fell into the arms of the prince when jumping from a height is a good cosmetic chemistry and add their relationship. Unfortunately, these movements is purely decorative and can be passed over.

The battle system mengabungkan acrobatic movements are beautiful but very easy to do. We just push the button in order to issue a combination attacks between the Prince and Elika. Each enemy has frequently changed the position of fighting and has the disadvantage of one type of attack the prince. Weakness was marked with Elika bercahayanya or one prince's arms are the weaknesses that position. Button Y / triangle for Elika magic attacks. X / box, for the prince's sword attacks. B / Circle to throw attacks gloved iron hand had princes and A / X for acrobatic movement.

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