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Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: The Iron Lady (2011)

The Iron Lady is a biopic that tells the journey of life Margaret Thatcher, one of the most influential female political figure in the world who managed to record history as the first woman to occupy the seat of Prime Minister in England and later held the position for more than a decade. Clearly, the long lead times, the UK has been through so much turmoil and political intrigue, economic and social system of government and society. Even so, The Iron Lady, directed by Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!, 2008) with a script written by Abi Morgan (Shame, 2011), did not have any depth in its telling that Thatcher was able to make life - filled with lots of drama both political and personal life - it looks interesting to watch in a film along the 105-minute duration.

True, Meryl Streep - the legendary Hollywood diva who almost never made a mistake in his acting performance - plays the character of Thatcher. And indeed, Streep, with the help of makeup that really complex and make Streep look really like Thatcher, once again proving that he can portray any character he wants, complete with a convincing body gestures and emotions look so strong . In The Iron Lady, the excellent performance of Streep as Thatcher was the only thing that could prevent the film from the assessment as a film is flat and likely to fail. Besides Streep, The Iron Lady was almost look like a standard biopic fails to give life and interest in the story.

By using the story back and forth, The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher tells how a (Meryl Streep) started his career in politics, since he was young (Alexandra Roach) and set foot in politics until the end when he decided to propose himself as chairman of the Party British Conservative Prime Minister of England at the same time. Thanks to the way his thinking is clear, Thatcher and then managed to get a lot of support and was eventually elected as the first woman to occupy the highest seats of government in the UK. Thatcher was even able to resume his power for more than a decade.

In Thatcher, Britain through so much progress, both in the economic, social and political. However, Thatcher also traveled with so many controversial decisions that led to Thatcher's figure more and more less well regarded by his colleagues in the Conservative Party. Thatcher eventually 'ousted' by fellow separtainya in 1990. After his post, the more alienated Thatcher herself. Over time, Thatcher grew into the figure of people with dementia is difficult to distinguish the past with the present ... including often thought that her husband, Denis Thatcher (Jim Broadbent) who have long passed away, still by his side.

Although the audience is not equipped with sufficient depth of knowledge about the figure of a Margaret Thatcher, perhaps everyone will be able to feel that the figure of a leader who held his post for over a decade is a clear leadership figure gives a profound influence on the people he led. Thatcher, as depicted in this film, with so many historic events. Unfortunately, The Iron Lady fail to capture many important essence of the events experienced by a Margaret Thatcher and then put it in a storyline that is able to attract the attention of the audience.

Margaret Thacher like a character who suffered from dementia, the text story by Abi Morgan looks confused to direct the focus of the story what he wants to present to the audience of the life of Margaret Thatcher. Whether from his background as the son of a successful shop owner in a small town? Life as a woman with a more advanced way of thinking than most of the male characters around him? How Thatcher holding and controlling the chair he was sitting on the Prime Minister? Or post-Thatcher kisahn life relinquished his power is. Morgan tried to incorporate all elements of the story. Unfortunately, Morgan did not have a strong ability to provide any additional element of the story an interesting side story and be able to make the circuit-rangkakaian story becomes significant to note.

Phyllida Lloyd's direction is so flat as well. Lloyd failed to maintain the intensity of the storyline that he presents. The result, the story of real life characters Thatcher was filled with so much intrigue, to present no more than mere glimpses of the story. Not able to be extracted perfectly. Lloyd also failed to explore the acting ability of the filler acting department. In addition to Streep, the cast is almost no line of the Iron Lady who is able to provide their neat appearance due to a lack of character depth given. This is so pronounced in character, played by Jim Broadbent, who plays a character who is actually quite crucial, but wasted due to lack of character depth it deserves.

Appearance of Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady is clearly a very spectacular appearance. One of the best performances of an actor or actress in the last year. Unfortunately, it looks slick Streep is the only one who can make the Iron Lady for not underestimated. Phyllida Lloyd's direction is so flat to the text of a story that is not so special from Abi Morgan. As a result, the audience will definitely feel amazed to see how Streep could bring Margaret Thatcher's character perfectly, but will not be able to get rid of the fact that they also feel the story is presented in the story they appear so flat and far from being emotional.

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