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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Volvo V40 2012,Specification

Volvo V40 | Volvo Car manufacturers are ready to hit the year 2012 is in sight. In March the Swedish automaker is ready to give birth to a luxury hatchback Volvo V40 can be against the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 in the market.

Volvo V40 is the birth of certainty expressed by Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby. Teaser piece of this car were already deployed. This car will be built with the P1 platform also used by other models such as Volvo C30, S40 and V50. Reportedly, this car will be the first Volvo car which apply new 4-cylinder engine themed VEA (Volvo Environmental Architecture) which has a capacity of not more than 2.0 liters, the person said that the presence of the Volvo V40 Volvo opens up opportunities to play in a broader segment where competition in European luxury cars are now more stringent.

Armed with a model that is currently popular, Volvo is believed to be targeting young families as its market. Reportedly, in the future this car will replace the role of S40 in the market. In addition to V40, Volvo reportedly will also launch 'baby SUV' which is also called the XC40 is based on the P1 platform version of the all-wheel-drive

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