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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review of The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims 3: World Adventures will be the first expansion pack of The Sims 3. Slightly different than the expansion in the previous series of The Sims, World Adventures will bring style adventure.

However, this preview will not discuss these adventures. Here are some additions to The Sims 3: World Adventures out adventuring in the land of the features:

Entry into the store. Finally, players of The Sims 3 Sims no longer have to watch her ​​disappear into the building - such as book stores, supermarkets or restaurants. The inside of the store will be explored and, of course, players can create their own shops.

Camping. This expansion pack will introduce a new object in the form of tents. Can be installed in any public area, this tent allows you to rest while on an excursion outside the home.

New skills. There will be a new skill is introduced in the expansion World Adventures. Including skill Discipline, which will help in studying the martial arts.

Adventurous nature. One of the new properties will be introduced in World Adventures is the Adventures that will assist in the adventure in a foreign country.

Nature of the Photographer's Eye. If previously existing Green Thumb properties that provide extra capacity for gardening, the World Adventures will be no properties Photographer's Eyes which will assist in shooting activities.

Marrying a foreigner. In his adventures, Sims can fall in love with and married a foreigner. If that happens, and both have children, then the child could inherit foreign cultures such as 'eat with chopsticks'.

Photography collection. Camera shots in the World Adventures will be more meaningful to the game's ability to sort of captured images. Surely there's a special bonus, for example, when photographing Death and Life Fish Fish in an aquarium.

In addition, there would still be lots of other enhancements. Including furniture and new items that had not existed in the world of The Sims 3.

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