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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plants vs. Zombies games Review

Good afternoon all friends, here I want to share about the review Plants vs. Zombies games.
Yes, PopCap is one of the casual game developer and publisher best ever. Games such as Bejewelled, Zuma, Pizza Frenzy, Feeding Frenzy, Heavy Weapon and many other casual games. Now, they've developed a new game again ya. Plants vs. Zombies title. Do not be surprised if the genre is also used here is the tower defense genre. We must admit, this game really exudes charm and unique characteristics of the game is also unique. The result? amazing ..!

Less is more game like this. There are a lot of zombies are roaming in the yard of your house and your house is your last line of defense against this crazy cannibals. Then, you yourselves also memilikki strange plants but useful that you can use, such as pea shooters who can shoot the ball toward the green to the zombie. With a wide variety of seeds to plant in your yard, maybe you could stop the zombies from entering the house and kill you.

Unlike most of the game with tower defense genre, here you will not find street trail that leads you towards the house. Your own yard is divided into six rows and the zombies will appear randomly. Although the zombie that will not move the line, but its appearance will remain random in any lineup was. The concept is really simple and if you see at a glance, you probably will feel the game is out of date. It's true. The concept is simple and the game that feels outdated, but is it so?

Advantages here are many kinds of plants and zombies. There are 48 kinds of plants with different attack capabilities, survival and production, as well as 26 different types of zombies. Each complete a level, you also will open a new plant or goods that you can add to your arsenal.

At the beginning of the game, you must choose which seeds would you bring to this battle. You are only limited supplies have slot, even though you can increase the number of slots. With so many different abilities and resource requirements, the key so that you can win the battle here is your ability to choose which crops are most effective. The number of options you can choose can help you to change your strategy in the fight against zombie army in accordance with yours.

In addition to the variation of plants and zombies, you'll also get some game modes. There are several levels that will be played at noon and there also will be played at night, which memilikki a profound effect on the plants that you milikki, how you can collect sunlight (your resources) and any obstacles that would you face.

Zombies you face will look similar to some of the characters that may Kotakers know. There is a similar type such as Michael Jackson (Thriller still remember the famous song zombienya effect?) And many others.

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