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Thursday, March 1, 2012

World of Warcraft Games Review

Latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, will be coming soon complete with two new playable races, the Worgen for the Alliance and Goblins for the Horde. Maybe Kotakers was not surprised anymore with this information, given the past year, a lot of information, rumors and leaks that appear related to the release of the game. Then what will be added to the third expansion of one of these leading online game? Let's find that the additional features.

As the name implies, Cataclysm will bring a lot of features that provide significant changes. This is apparently due to the revival of one of the most hideous creature in the world of Warcraft, Deathwing, a huge black dragon that had never appeared. This appearance has led to a variety of events that creates its own chaos in geology Azeroth. Some of the specific location has changed quite dramatically. Darkshore now be filled by the flood and Auberdine has been destroyed. While Azshara now connected directly to Orgrimmar. Even the location of Barren also has been split into two, one of which is a place to run the quest for a still lower level adjacent to one part again destined for a high level.

The main objective of this course is the third expansion to provide an opportunity for gamers, gamers who play the game the first time, to feel how it feels to play the expansion of existing ones (though it has changed), and of course also aims to attract the attention and interest of the gamers who have long played this game. Typically, for gamers who have long passing in the world of World of Warcraft, visit again to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom may be viewed as something that is not important. But with the drastic changes, so do not be surprised if there is a lot of gamers who intend to visit the immediate area.

Along with geographical changes, Cataclysm will also increase the maximum level that can be owned by a gamer, ie from 80 to 85. While it is a bit odd that in an expansion of such magnitude, Blizzard just give additional five-level, but Blizzard promised a lot of content that will make gamers forget the time while playing it. In addition to the five additional levels, you can develop your character even further by using a new feature called the Path of the Titans, which will be connected with the Archaeology skill and it does not depend on the talent and class that you are using. Even from the guild leveling system is also reported to be amended.

In a way, what is provided in the third expansion is not the addition of a new skill or anything, but rather to expand and enrich what is already here with the support of additional new content such as changes in some areas, the addition of two new races and starting zones, a combination of new races , a new battle arena and new PVP outdoor area, as well as some of the area which is dedicated to gamers who already have a very high level.

Now we will discuss a bit about the two new races that are shown here. The first race is the Worgen race, a race of wolves is cruel and very strong, in which humankind has often sought to obtain and use its power to attack the Scourge. But, the human efforts would backfire for mankind because it has emerged a mysterious curse that could cause the man turned into Worgen. Well, when you play a new race, you will play the character of one of mankind that have been exposed to the curse.

Worgen character is capable of considerable interest. He can issue a step that could make him immune to curses and diseases, can issue an attack with damage levels increased by one percent, gaining the ability to skin the enemy as well as the ability to make you able to move rapidly with increasing speed as much as 70%. But remember, once you use these tactics increased speed, you need three minutes to be using it again. Besides all that, in general it still remains the same, it's just the beginning of the game zone is changing.

As for the Goblin character, we are very confident that Kotakers Goblin familiar characters are loaded with green color and is also well known in the greedy world of Azeroth. Now, this group has advantages other than just trade and get gain. Ability is the ability to use their skills in a world of machines, thus providing their own advantages, especially in terms of fighting.

Goblins can be played using all the existing classes, except the Druid and Paladin. These goblins can get a higher discount for items bought. There is also the ability to Better Living Through Chemistry that will enhance your ability in chemistry with as many as 15. In addition, you will also get two useful tactics to attack the enemy, the Rocket Barrage (function to issue a rocket at the enemy) and Rockey Jump (the science that allows the goblins to fly in and out of the dangerous condition). You also have a Pack Hobgoblin tricks that can call your child's personal pieces that allow you to access the bank for a minute.

What about the story? You do not need to worry because each of the two races will present two very interesting storyline. Worgen for example, will introduce the process of how do you turn into a Worgen. At that time, you will be asked to undergo a mission after mission that asks you to find stuff, freeing the inhabitants from their homes and fought with a large number of monsters. Unfortunately, all your efforts in dealing with the Worgen that just ended with me which turned into Worgen also participated.

While the storyline for the Goblin, may be said to be a little more relaxed and fun to play. One factor may lie in the starting zone where you start the game. At the beginning of the game, you can see for themselves that the zone is so colorful and very beautiful. Construction of such a beautiful city makes the city the beginning of the Goblin This looks like a toy town. Even includes a unique mission, from mission control a robot in a sports arena, safe break and destroy the existing items.

Everything is now in the hands of gamers. Do you want to follow the storyline of the Worgen or dark you want to enjoy a game that is quite fun than playing the race Goblin dark?

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