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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Google Drive online storage service from Google

Many online storage services like Dropbox, and others, this time the service will soon grow again with the presence of Google Drive online storage service that initiated by the technology giant Google.

Google Drive is an online storage service based cloud, this news is quite old and has been heard to say Google is quite late to the party before the Dropbox online storage which was launched four years, including Apple (iCloud), Microsoft (SkyDrive) and Acer (AcerCloud) has first offer cloud-based online storage

With Google Drive will allow each person to store photos, documents and video over the network cloud, and can easily share files with each other.

The presence of Google Drive responds to the development of mobile devices that connect to the internet such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, the birth of cloud computing is also a consideration of Google in releasing this new product candidates.

One of the advantages of online storage model is the ease in accessing the file has been stored, of different devices. And of course the service will become free for most consumers and businesses, but if you want additional capacity, then we will be charged.

With the start of the entry of Google's online storage service to is very beneficial to us as users and cemented Google as the world's technology giants.

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