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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Granado Espada Games Review

Tracing the MMO market is a bit tricky job considering there are so many similar games out there. One that attracts attention is an MMO from the creators of Ragnarok Online, Granado Espada, namely, that brings the player to play the characters who come from afar to help the colonization and exploration of the newly discovered world. The characters are based on design and architecture of the 17th century, but the monsters and creatures that exist in Granado Espada was created with a mix of classic style and fantasy are shocking.

The characters in Granado Espada are made with the concept of a family who come to explore new worlds. Players account will be met by many characters, all of whom are members of a large family. The character will also have two names (first name and last name) like real people. Players will create a family name at first, then choose a name for each character. Some of the class and gender are also available for select players.

The biggest difference between a traditional MMO Granado Espada with others is the ability to control three characters at once. These characters can be combined and match from a collection of characters contained in the barracks. Each character can be combined at will, so the player can use two high level character and help a low level adjacent to the characters level up faster. Players can choose any character to walk in the front, and two other characters will follow behind. The party can also be set to automatic, so that the character will do a basic attack and defense, without removing the skill or the use of unnecessary items.

Character skill can also be easily accessed by the player via hotkeys. Unlike other MMO, hotkeys are not numbers, but a row of letters on the keyboard. The first character using the QWERTY row, the second character using asdfg line, while the third character using ZXCVB line. It is not unusual, but very reasonable considering we have to control three characters.

The third development in a group of characters that can be regulated at will is a profitable and attractive. Players can make the party a balance with the fighter-elementalist-healer or make a party a super offensive elementalist with three at once. In addition, each class also has a different stance, which will determine his behavior. For example, by default, the Scout will act as a healer, but if it comes with a dagger, then the Scout will change his stance to be more offensive, more offensive and will again if it is equipped with two dagger. When the stance of a character change, skills that are available will change.

Stance is an exciting addition in the character creation system. Although all three characters have indeed have different functions, but the stance system will make the players more comfortable because it does not collide with just a single character to a character. If he is in an area that does not require a healer, so he could change the character and fighting stance with more offensive.

Granado Espada also show a faster tempo than the MMO in general. Party will often meet with the enemy wherever they go, because of the high concentration of enemies and respawn rate. It certainly remains a fast tempo and keep the fight remains intense.

One thing that immediately stand out in Granado Espada is a visual. Most fantasy MMO vs. orcs took the background. human castle design with stone, iron axes, green monster, and the hordes of the rotting undead. Granado Espada concept of the Baroque era, especially for architecture and clothing. It is a style that is rarely seen in the MMO and it might take some time for adjustment, but it probably is the uniqueness that can make this game special in the eyes of the players.

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