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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knight Age Will Present in North America

Knight Age Will Present in North America

Joymax announced that it has obtained a license for the global publishing MMORPG Knight Age. Joymax get a publishing license of the game developed by GNI soft to North America, Europe and Africa.

Game with cartoon style and theme of this cheerful as if to give an atmosphere of "casual" online games from South Korea who are now much more hardcore theme. Besides, Knight Age can also be enjoyed by gamers of all ages because of its content is not "heavy" like a hardcore MMORPG game. One of the main features of the Knight Age is monut his system. In Knight Age, there are a variety of mounting options, ranging from dinosaurs, donkeys and even ducks. Mount will be able to accelerate the movement of the player, allowing players to more quickly complete the quest and also increase attack power and enduring players.

Age Knight has been released in Taiwan and Japan and has received a response from the gamers for disana.Knight Age North American servers are planned to be able to beta test in the third quarter of 2012.

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