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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winning Eleven 2012 Games Review

Winning Eleven 2012 Games Review
Winning Eleven 2012

Winning Eleven 2012 Games Review
Winning Eleven 2012 (WE 12) was released with a model that is not much different game with WE game series ever, but WE 12 is the sport genre game with a slightly new gameplay, where players can play in its own way to control which controls more freely. The new AI in this game have also run a better control and the ability to put yourself in the formation accurate. New capabilities that have AI, the player at the position separated from the unfortunate situation, the player can also improve the ability of team strategy while playing. But if the players follow the development of franchise WE from year to year, seemed to increase digembor-heralded by Konami too little excessive.

Important features that normally exist in the WE game series ever, is back in this 2012 WE. Gameplay is more rigorous and more dynamic tempo game that makes players feel playing a football game more realistic. After this year WE 2012 developed and was finally launched to the public, no things that are so disruptive in terms of gameplay, there are only a few minor issues that commonly arise in the WE game series. With this model the same game with the previous series, plus the response of AI that is better than ever, making WE 2012 remains a football game that is fun to play.

When the players are familiar with the rhythm of the game, keep the ball remains a difficult thing to do, and therefore the ball by hitting the opponent, is the most accurate and commonly used as a tactic to win player of the opponent's ball. Players will feel the AI ​​teammate of friends that we use rather fast came over to help when the player we are trying to steal the ball from opposing players.

One thing that is missing from the gameplay and pretty annoying, is when there is a violation. Misdemeanors not get attention, while more serious offenses sometimes even go unnoticed. With no shortage of these, we can play with the model that hit the game without fear of a serious offense. While on the front of the opponent's goal, the player can do the pressures to be more liberal opponent's goalie.

Most of the players must be wondering just how important new features in WE 2012. There is a convenience when a player does the trick to an opposing player, but on the other side much more complicated thing to do. As such, Teammate Control system that allows us to influence the position of other players by pressing the appropriate button to the right the ball could be in a position that we want.

In 2012 WE running more intuitive gameplay, not too hard to dribble and passed to friends teammate, pass defense could also be fairly easy. Players will not feel frustrated when playing WE 2012, because of the ease, as already mentioned earlier, the game play more enjoyable. In addition to the football players face that looks similar to the original, the action of players on the soccer field is also more evident in the WE 2012. The more he cried again, players can communicate with other players online with greater ease. Although the feature to communicate online is not a great feature, this feature becomes more fun to play. For example, we can give comments to other players when they scored beautifully. By pressing the buttons dikontroler, we can give good words to other players, where the latter it appears in our game screen and also display the player's game. In essence, this feature helps us connect with other players, be it with people who are not familiar with our closest friends or an easier way.

WE 2012 is not a perfect football game. Most of the complaints that come from the players is a matter of licensing issues, but this is not a big deal, there will be in attendance patches to fix this problem. The second biggest complaint is the sound quality issues of commentators. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith is clearly better than Jon Champion and Beglin Fri. The voice of Beglin sometimes difficult to hear and understand, like the sound of people are mumbling. But the exclusion of the two issues above, WE 2012 offers a fun gameplay and gives players more experience playing real football.

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