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Thursday, April 12, 2012

University of Sydney ,The Oldest University In Australia

University of Sydney
University of Sydney

University of Sydney ,The Oldest University In Australia. 
University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university. The University was founded in Sydney in 1850. In 2009, the university has 47 775 university students who made ​​it the second largest (after Monash University) in Australia.
The University has a small number of special campus acquired from other organizations during the last 20 years, but its main campus located in Oxbridge field that spread across the Camperdown and Darlington suburb outside the south-west region of Sydney CBD.
University of Sydney is a member of the Group of Eight Australia, Academic Consortium 21, Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and the Worldwide Universities Network.


In 1848, in New South Wales Legislative Council, William Wentworth proposed a plan to expand the existing Sydney College into a larger university. Wentworth argued that a state university is essential to the growth of the community who aspire to self-government, and will provide an opportunity for the 'children of every class, to be great and useful in the fate of his country. It took two attempts on behalf of Wentworth, however, before the plan was finally adopted.

The University was established through a part of the University of Sydney Act, which was signed on October 1, 1850. Two years later, the University inaugurated on October 11, 1852 in Big classrooms are now Sydney Grammar School. The first principle is John Woolley. On February 27, 1858 the University received the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria, giving degrees granted by university rankings and recognition equal to that given by the university in the UK. By 1859, the University moved to current site on the outskirts of Sydney Camperdown.

In 1858, part of the Elections Act provided for the University to be a constituency for New South Wales Legislative Assembly as soon as there are 100 graduates with higher degrees. This seat in Parliament was first filled in 1876, but was abolished in 1880 one year after the second Member, Edmund Barton, was elected to the Legislative Assembly.
Most of the treasure John Henry Challis was bequeathed to the University, which received the sum of £ 200,000 in 1889. This is thanks in part due to William Montagu Manning (Chancellor 1878-1895) who opposed the claim by the Commissioner of Taxation UK. The next year seven professorships were created; philosophical anatomy, zoology, engineering, history, law, logic and mental, and modern literature.

The university is comprised of sixteen faculties and schools:

Faculty of Agriculture and the Environment
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Sydney Business School
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education and Social Work
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty of Health Sciences
Sydney Law School
Sydney Medical School
Sydney School of Nursing
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Science
Sydney College of the Arts
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Five of the largest faculty and the school student enrollment in 2011 are (in order): Arts and Social Sciences; Business; Science; Engineering and Information Technology Health Sciences. Together they comprised 64.4% of the students and the University each has more than 4,500 the number of students (at least 9% of students).

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